What is a clutch?


Normally the pochette is not chosen as an everyday bag, but more for special evenings or on special occasions.

In recent years, however, its use is having a particularly significant trend change.

In this article we will know together its history and some tips to best bring this accessory.

Where does the clutch come from?

Often, this elegant but small accessory is confused with the other small handbags on the market, thus losing its true identity.

Originally this model of bag is almost never equipped with handles and the pochette is simply carried by hand. 

At Florence Leather Market, instead, we created “Pepe” a clutch version with a click closure and an adjustable strap that will allow you to wear it comfortably at the waist or over the shoulder for a casual-chic look at all times of the day!

As we have already pointed out, one of the main features of the pochettes is precisely the small size compared to the other models of bags. The clutch bags made available by our store, however, in addition to being made of genuine leather are also meticulously made to ensure comfort: Florence Leather Market combines style with the practicality sought after in a bag. For this reason, many models of pochettes offered by us are enriched by pockets with zippers and compartments for cards or documents. 



Now we know the story of this fantastic accessory…how the pochette was born? What is its history and when did it appear?

The origins of this accessory date back to the Middle Ages, when we have the first evidence of the use, both by women and men, of small bags (usually silk) to carry valuables. At that time, however, it was not yet an accessory to be put in plain sight but to keep fastened to the waist or hidden under the coat.

The importance of the pochette took a whole other value around the end of the ‘700 when it became a real female accessory, transforming from a practical object to a decorative accessory.

The first to use it were the French women, to carry the objects they considered essential such as needle and thread or a bottle of perfume…

With the passing of the years and the advent of women’s emancipation, bags began to become more capacious to help women in their travels and work and it will be around the 1920s that clutches returned in vogue to accompany the elegant outfits of the time.

Just in these years, the pochette became indispensable : the most beloved accessory by the women of high society.

Its popularity has never stopped and the clutch is, even nowadays, an essential accessory for all women able to adapt perfectly to any type of look.


We discovered together what a clutch is and what its origins are, now let’s see how to wear it and match it to the various looks.

The most classic and elegant way to wear a pochette is definitely to hold it by hand and it perfectly matches an elegant outfit suitable for an important event.

But there are also other models, such as those offered by Florence Leather Market, that allow you to wear a fabulous clutch bag even over the shoulder or under the arm like our “Be Exclusive“, “Pochette”, “Elvira”, “Giuliana” and many more…

If I were you I would take a look at the Clutch section on our website, we have a wide range of products, all Made in Italy quality!