bag storage

Where do I store my bags?


Let’s face it…arranging the many bags that each of us owns has become a difficult task!

Florence Leather Market has decided to give you some little advice to keep your beloved bags in order and always at hand for every look change. 

Let’s see some ideas…


Of course, the most immediate choice is definitely to check the closet and the actual space inside it.

Once you consider the space, the best location for our bags are definitely the square shelves or drawers to dedicate to them. 

Using this space all the bags will be at hand so you can choose the most suitable according to every outfit and mood of the day! If you have a lot of space you can also divide them into drawers according to the seasons or even colors, this will really help you!



Another alternative to consider is the use of hooks, suitable for hanging bags, stored behind doors or inside the doors of cabinets. 

Also in this way you will have all your bags always available so you can choose the most suitable every day.

There are also circular crutches on the market that can also be used as furniture because, despite the practical use for storing bags, there are some beautiful and design.  

As you may have guessed, following these little tips, you can always have the rooms in order, without bags scattered everywhere that bring a lot of chaos!


These options that we have seen together are all valid, but only if you have plenty of space available.

Instead, if for you, the available space is not enough, the best choice could be to opt for a fabric wardrobe to be placed in another room (as long as it is dry).

These wardrobes, often, are also equipped with bags that allow you to better organize the spaces inside. 

In this way, the bags will not be in contact with any other object and closing them in protective bags are also repaired from temperature changes.

A practical alternative can be to use rigid plastic boxes, where to store inside the bags and then place them on shelves or cabinets. 

This choice is definitely the least aesthetic and classy, but it is really very functional and practical.

In this article we have given you some alternative, applicable to multiple houses, on where to store your favorite bags!

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