Why I love my leather clutches

It’s love

I wouldn’t be without my clutches. They make such a difference to me when I’m going out. I just love knowing that they hold everything I actually need (lipstick, phone, mirror, cash, cards and of course my keys) and they don’t take up too much space. I have far too many clutch bags, ones that I’ve fallen in love with over the years, but I just keep coming back to the same ones. I’m after bags that feel as gorgeous as they look, and the leather clutch bags that I’ve got fit into that category.

Why not my normal handbag?

Let’s be honest. Of an evening, no-one wants to lug around a huge bag. It ruins the line of my outfit and makes me annoyed with having my hands full all the time. When I’m dancing or chatting with my friends, the last thing I want to think about is where I put my bag. That’s why my favourite bags are the little clutches with shoulder or better still, wrist straps. I love being able to just hook them over my arm and carry on with my evening, knowing that my important belongings are safe with me. I am also obsessed with pockets (what woman isn’t?) and get frustrated that so few of my clothes contain them, so I pick clutches that have lots of pockets to put bits in. I need to be organised and for that, I need to divide my bits up into their different sections.

Why I choose my leather clutches again and again

When I’m picking my bag for the evening, I need to choose something that will coordinate with my outfit. It’s really important to me that I look the part, and that I feel it. I need something that’s going to be comfortable for the night, and that’s going to complement my outfit and the leather clutches really fit there. I tend to choose a ‘safe’ colour for my clutch, like a soft brown, which I know is going to work with lots of the clothes I wear for the evening. It’s also great because if I’m going out straight from work, my clutch is discreet enough to use for day time too, without feeling ridiculous stepping out with a sparkly glitter handbag.