choose a leather bag

10 reasons to choose a leather bag

Fashion accessories are indispensable for adding a touch of character to your outfits. Leather handbags are among those made to last longer in our closets. When choosing them, we go through a long and careful analysis of various elements such as their colour, material and when we will use them.

Quality, versatility and strength are the main qualities that are usually associated with leather fashion accessories. However there are many more benefits in buying a genuine leather purse. So here are the top 10 reasons to add a leather purse to your ideal checklist for your next shopping trip.

Simply because it’s leather!

It may seem trivial, but leather is beautiful. Beautiful to see and to touch. A genuine leather purse is an accessory to always have in your closet and to show off because, whatever model it is, it will add a touch of personality and good taste to your outfit.

Boundless versatility

Leather accessories can be combined with everything, truly everything! A leather clutch can enrich an evening gown, giving it more personality, just like a leather tote can be your perfect companion for an afternoon of shopping with friends in jeans and a blouse.

High-quality materials, affordable price

Many purses and backpacks made from handcrafted leather goods have affordable prices. On the market you can find models of leather handbags that are truly suited to all budgets: with leather you can save money without having to give up owning a quality product. The purse of your dreams could already be hanging off your shoulder, you just need to find the model that inspires you.

Elastic and resistant

Leather is a very strong and resistant material. It is suitable for students, moms, career women and all those who need a purse that faithfully accompanies them in their various daily activities dedicated to family, studies, work and leisure. Leather is also an extremely elastic material and won’t have any problems supporting the weight of all your personal belongings without getting damaged.

Leather is green!

Perhaps not everyone knows that leather is processed following regulated processes and in respect of the environment. The leather used to manufacture purses and other accessories is in fact “recycled” from cattle for slaughter. We can therefore define leather as a real anti-waste material, which thanks to the quality of modern processing, truly is green.

Robust and durable

Leather is extremely durable; it is one of the most resistant natural materials in nature. You can damage it but it’s unlikely to “rip”, you can also try to cut it with scissors or a knife but it’s improbable that you’ll successfully manage. You can even bring your purse or backpack with you to the beach, because leather is also an incredibly heat-resistant material.

Always in fashion

Leather never goes out of style and is a material that is always cutting edge. It is a constant in fashion that always comes back in all its forms: in its natural state or embellished with studs, pearls, steel chains or beautiful embroidery. A leather accessory is always trendy, a must that never fails in a woman’s wardrobe.


You won’t have to worry if you bring your leather purse to the disco and someone bumps you with a full mojito. Genuine leather is very resistant to stains, so you won’t have to be afraid of having cocktails spilled all over it on a night out. You won’t have to worry in daily life either, when you grab a sandwich at a cafe or enjoy a nice drink with friends.


Leather is the hypoallergenic material par excellence, as it lacks porous fibres and thus can’t host dust or mites. You can take your leather bag with you and put it down anywhere without having to worry about it, and you can store it safely in your closet for extended periods without fearing it will be consumed by dust.

As it ages… it gets better!

That’s how leather works: the more you use it, the more it increases its charm. Wearing it daily for a long time, you will notice its surface gradually change; it will become enriched with natural shades, and gradually acquire more personality. Finally, after years, it will look “lived in”, like an original vintage piece.

Unmistakable scent

The unmistakable smell of leather is addictive and will give you a pleasant feeling every time you get the faintest whiff. The smell of processed leather is particular enough that it can be called unique. As unique as your new genuine leather bag.