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Day bag: Hobo, Tote or Shopper?

A day bag must accompany you with style and practicality at all times of the day, and should therefore be chosen among the models that best suit the activities, often hectic, of everyday life divided between family and work. Which is the day bag that’s most suitable for you?

The best ally you can have in the challenges of everyday life is a large day bag, handy and practical. There are tons of large, comfortable bags for sale, but the most reliable models to use during the day are probably three: Hobo, Tote and Shopper bags.

What are the differences? Read about the detailed unique features of these three models of day bags and find the accessory that’s right for you.

The Hobo bag is very soft and spacious, and can be easily recognised in its typical half-moon shape. Originally, this bag owes its name to the homeless American man who carried a small cloth bag across his body; for this reason it’s called a “hobo” bag. Today, the Hobo bag is a very popular type of bag for women on the go. Its easy handling, rounded shape and capacity to contain many objects makes the “hobo” work everywhere throughout the day.

The Shopper (or shopping bag) is a bag that is very practical and has a simple, linear shape. Its name comes directly from what it’s used for, to shop. Usually it has a rectangular shape and can be made with all kinds of materials: plastic, leather, canvas, cloth. With this model of day bag, fantasy is king: you can find them in every colour, with floral prints, text or they can even be customised. The typical shopping bag has large handles for carrying it on your shoulder and usually doesn’t have a zipper. Ideal to be used for going shopping in the city or even on a fun day out, chasing fairs, festivals and markets. The shopper will be your most loyal friend in informal situations.

The Tote bag is a purse that can be easily recognised for its classic trapezoidal shape, usually rather large, although more and more often the market offers delicious mini-tote bags. It is a day bag created to contain many objects, in fact, its name means “bring” or “carry”. The Tote originated in the ’40s as the ideal model to bring when boating, but now there are many more opportunities for using it. You will find it very suitable for going shopping in trendy boutiques, comfortably to the office or even to take with you to the gym. The Tote is also ideal for a relaxing weekend out of town. Its structure is a typical trapezoidal shape supported by two long handles, to be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand. This model of bag is suitable for anyone who wants to be fashionable even during the day, combining style and comfort.