Handmade leather backpack for women: a versatile and trendy accessory

Handmade leather backpack: a must for every woman

The backpack for women, an accessory that succeeds in being elegant and sporty at once, is on the crest of the wave again. Genuine leather backpacks are high-quality products that ensure a great resistance and durability.

Choosing a genuine leather item means enriching your own wardrobe with a classy accessory. Ideal for women who like to follow the current fashion but who do not want to give up their personal style, the handmade leather backpack is perfect to create original matches.

When and how to wear a leather backpack

A genuine leather backpack is perfect to go to the university or to work: this accessory, indeed, is rather spacious and comfortable. Light and nice to see, the leather backpack combines functionality and style. However, this trendy object can be chosen also to complete a carefree outfit in your free time. The variety of models and colours gives you the chance to wear your backpack together with different types of t-shirt, shirts and jackets.

Leather backpacks: main models on the market

There is a great variety of models and colours as far as women backpacks are concerned. From the basic ones, trapezoidal and closed with a simple flap, to the most elaborate ones, decorated with external pockets, zips and buckles, there is a solution for every need. In addition to classic backpacks, you can find also special models, for example with a removable shoulder strap, which gives you the chance to decide how to wear your backpack in every moment. You can also find bicolour backpacks, with flower or other patterns.