The leather card holder

Accessories: try the leather card holder

If you love leather goods, in addition to the bag, belt, wallet, and leather briefcase, you cannot miss the genuine leather card holder, a small and distinctive accessory for your daily life. And, if you have birthdays in sight, here’s a nice and classy gift to celebrate a man or a woman!

Craftsmanship is always the keyword when we talk about leather. Obviously, by choosing this accessory, you will find the reliability and durability of the leather in a small and comfortable object, which allows you to store in a single space all credit cards, documents, paper money, and business cards in order to have them always within near your…hand!


A useful gift


The card holder is an original cadeau, especially useful, an object easy to store in any pocket and characterized by the softness and sophistication typical of “made in Italy” leather.

So, if you want a suppler and more essential purse for the generous and bulky wallet, this accessory is its perfect complement.

Our advice is to choose a design that is simple and functional, which adapts to the various spaces, and is easy to put in the pocket of trousers or in the pocket of a purse or a clutch, without risking losing it.


With that extra touch of class


Among the various options, choose the one that best suits your needs, with the number of slots you need to hold all your cards.

On the market, you will find models of different colors and with more or less slits.

Very nice and intriguing is the aged leather version, with a vintage effect, for those who want that extra touch of class combined with the practicality of the leather card holder.

A note for men: calf leather is certainly softer and more comfortable to keep in your pocket. This applies to both the wallet and the leather card holder.




Bag for bike

Getting around by bike: the most suitable bag

Do you like staying fit while doing home-work trips?

For those who love cycling, we could suggest a practical backpack in leather but, let’s face it, what’s more fashionable than a shoulder bag?

Not all bags are the same, yet a capacious and practical shoulder bag, obviously in leather, and with an adjustable shoulder strap, is an excellent solution for those who like to go around the city with the bike and do not want to give up personal effects.


How to take it with you


If the bike is equipped with a basket, the bag can be stored inside, but take care to hook it well to the handlebars in order to avoid the risk of a thief approaching.

If you prefer to move safely while keeping your bag anchored, then better to choose the shoulder strap and take care not to bring the bag on the belly, as it could hinder the movement. Preferably place it on the back or side, shortening the shoulder strap.


Better with the zipper


The models to choose from are many: we recommend choosing portability, practicality, and lightness. Even the material has its importance: the leather is not only resistant but is also comfortable in case of rain, as it is waterproof. Be careful, that the fake leather bags, on the other hand, have the defect of not lasting much and ruining the areas of contact, where they rub when pedaling.

Finally, it is better to opt for a model with a zip, with a more secure closure, especially when riding at speed; this type of closure will make you feel more comfortable than a button or a magnet, which always at risk of disengaging due to wear or due to a shock.

Ah … and do not forget to bring an umbrella, you never know, in case of rain!


The shopping with a leather bag

The beauty of shopping with a leather bag

Can a woman stay without her bag? It would be like depriving her of her shoes. It is an indispensable, inseparable accessory, especially when she goes for a “very important” shopping session!

Every woman knows, when she goes out to shop, that she needs a comfortable and roomy bag, which offers the space necessary to accommodate each new discovery that turns into a conquest!

Since there is always a need for soft and generous bags, why not shop with a leather bag?


Like the Mary Poppins bag


The leather bag is certainly spacious, suitable for long trips, and even long and intense sessions of “unbridled purchases”. It is the best ally to deal with any circumstance outside the house, a bit like the famous Mary Poppins bag … remember? There is room for everything you can even imagine!

There are various types of shopping bags on the market, but always check that these are genuine leather. Then you just have to choose how you want it: you like it more essential or worked, with handles more or less long, wide or thinner, more squared, to carry by hand or with shoulder strap, colored or monochrome, with pockets, zippers and customizable details …?


A peerless shopping companion


Whatever model you choose, the leather bag is always a casual-chic accessory of timeless style. A peerless shopping companion.

The shopper bag is something unique and tasty, whose practicality is to be tried. The beauty is that you’ll fall in love immediately: ideal for shopping, practice for work, suitable for last minute outings every day. Whenever you need a generous and resistant travel companion you cannot help but think of her: your style ally in shopping!


The leather business bag for your look

Complete your look with the leather business bag

The business bag in leather is a practical and classy accessory, perfect to mark the working days both for her as well as for him. It is a perfect complement for both men and women, in fact: a comfortable and roomy bag for a classic and timeless look that allows to face your business appointments bringing with you everything you need.


Choose your model


You will find the leather business bag in the version with adjustable shoulder strap, easy to carry with you, even on a bike, with various compartments (mobile phone holder, pens, documents), with details and metal closure that embellish the look and guarantee maximum security.

For those who prefer the practicality of the handles, the “hand” variant present an appreciable elegance and a good dose of style, for him and for her. Even the “folder” model, more vintage and always refined, does not betray the best features of leather accessories: functional, durable and classy.


For a stylish look


The choice of the model is subjective: there are those who prefer a more classic and elegant design, like a briefcase, perfect for the professional who wants to stand out in every situation and look much more serious and stylish. And who feels more comfortable with the shoulder bag, perhaps with external pockets, for a softer and more comfortable solution, more casual, ideal for a business man – or a business woman – with a sporty spirit.

The document folder in leather, in any model, is a detail that makes the difference and completes the outfit by offering the possibility to always have documents, diary and essentials for your business at hand, without giving up that touch of sought-after beauty that only leather can give.


Leather pc bag

Leather pc bag

The computer bag is a must in our daily life, as in addition to the PC can contain documents, diary and other things needed for work or study. But the most important item remains the PC, an indispensable tool that allows us to communicate with the whole world and therefore has to be transported and stored in an appropriate bag, which protects it and guarantees all the necessary space and practicality.


Five things not to be underestimated


1) First of all, your laptop bag must be strong and must withstand weight.

2) It must have a good coating to protect the computer from bumps, hasty bearings, and unexpected falls.

3) It is necessary to have pockets for charger, mouse, cables, and various accessories.

4) A durable shoulder strap is necessary to carry the pc without too much effort, especially if you are in a hurry.

5) Appearance is not everything, but if the laptop bag gives elegance and professionalism is an added value; so aesthetically it will have to be treated in detail, sober and professional.


Leather is better, why?


If you are thinking which one among a nylon, PVC or leather bag is better, the answer is obvious: leather not only gives a refined and elegant look, but guarantees strength and durability, thus greater protection for your study or work tool.

You can choose a smoother leather or a model with an “aged” effect, a little vintage, but always very charming. The leather will safeguard your cask from any impacts and will make you even more interesting and professional!