Handmade leather belts: how to choose the perfect size

Choosing the Perfect Sized Belt for All Your Needs

High-quality belts, and especially handmade leather belts have become a popular fashion item over the past years. However, they can be quite expensive for what they are. If you aren’t especially wealthy or if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your wardrobe, then you probably can’t afford to buy expensive belts which don’t fit well. With that in mind, what should you do to ensure that you choose the perfect sized belt next time you are out shopping with your friends?

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Exports of Italian leather goods: some data

Italian Leather Goods: a synonym for quality

Italian leather is a household name in the fashion industry as many products are made from it i.e. leather bags, car upholstery, belts, wallets, clutches and shoes. There are many types of leather products in the market and Italian leather is one of the most expensive, this has led people to wonder what makes it unique considering the added cost.

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small purses woman

Small purses for great women

Purses that are compact, but also functional and impressive. Pochettes, clutches and baguettes are small purses par excellence, symbols of femininity and refinement, as well as lightness and practicality. Ideal for those who always want to be elegant and stylish… with a touch of coquetry. Read more »


travel bag

Travel in style: which bag to take on holiday?

The summer is ideal for organising small outings: an adventure with friends to discover beautiful landscapes and small villages, a romantic weekend in a beautiful city of art, a side trip to the sea to combat the first heat wave… Have you already decided which bag to bring with you? Read more »


combine purses and shoes

5 ways to combine purses and shoes

When it comes to style, a blunder is always lurking. Fashion has taught us that making the right combinations is essential. Although there are no hard and fast rules for combining shoes and a purse, it is good to keep some tricks in mind to avoid a completely wrong match. Read more »