The Italian fashion handbags of the collection “I Santi”

Design and style

Irresistible style, flawless finish, impeccable quality and timeless elegance: all these words describe the 100 percent leather handbags, suitcases, vanity bags, and briefcases lovingly made by hand by highly talented craftsmen for the Beloved Saints collection. Ask any fashionista and you will be regaled with the beauty of these fabulous, soft and classy Italian fashion handbags and quality products.

Without a doubt, Italian design and style need no introduction.  Between the sheets of the most glamorous magazines available, you can’t help but notice the predominance of Italian fashion handbags.  On the catwalks, featuring in the blogs of the world’s most famous followers of high fashion, and on every dazzling red carpet occasion, witness what the top celebrities are proud to be carrying.  


Florence’s artisans, tanners and leather crafters have been dressing nobility for hundreds of years, dating back to the notorious Medici family, who personified sophistication and good taste.  Catherine de Medici, upon her marriage, brought to France bags and other products from Florence and introduced royalty to the impeccable quality of Italian leather. The aristocracy from Monaco and Sweden to London covets the timeless quality and style of these exquisite creations.  

Hand made

With scrupulous attention to detail, the I Santi leatherworkers work their craft with painstaking accuracy.  The quality of the finished items is testament to the highly skilled artisans, with their incredible talent.  

Made from the very best quality cowhides, the stringent quality control from start to finish ensures beautifully constructed finished items.  The tanning process is done mostly by hand, following the traditional methods handed down through families since time immemorial. The full grain leather has been likened to silk, as soft and smooth as feathers and butter. The heady leather fragrance is a vital characteristic of an Italian fashion handbag from the collection of I Santi, who have been lovingly making stunning Italian fashion handbags for forty years.