Handmade leather goods make great gifts

High quality products made from leather

Genuine leather bags, purses, clutches, briefcases and wallets make great gifts. They are always appreciated whether for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or as a surprise. Italian handmade leather business briefcases, travel bags and belts offer the very best handcrafted items whether for work or leisure. Real Italian leather goods provide the latest fashion accessories from stylish handbags to useful backpack purses, shoulder cross body bags and elegant, roomy shopping bags. When you talk about Italian leather goods, one word that springs to mind is “quality”. Each product is always purposely designed and hand made with “A” class leather.

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The Italian fashion handbags of the collection “I Santi”

Design and style

Irresistible style, flawless finish, impeccable quality and timeless elegance: all these words describe the 100 percent leather handbags, suitcases, vanity bags, and briefcases lovingly made by hand by highly talented craftsmen for the Beloved Saints collection. Ask any fashionista and you will be regaled with the beauty of these fabulous, soft and classy Italian fashion handbags and quality products.

Without a doubt, Italian design and style need no introduction.  Between the sheets of the most glamorous magazines available, you can’t help but notice the predominance of Italian fashion handbags.  On the catwalks, featuring in the blogs of the world’s most famous followers of high fashion, and on every dazzling red carpet occasion, witness what the top celebrities are proud to be carrying.  

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Types of leather used to make leather goods and bags

Types of leather

A number of types of leather are used in the manufacture of quality leather bags, as well as various methods used to process and finish off the leather. The three main types are aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented. Aniline is the most natural looking type but is less resistant to soiling. Semi-aniline is more resistant to soiling and has a light coating for protection. Pigmented leather is coated with a polymer coating which makes it much more durable but lacks the natural look of untreated leather. Generally, calf-skin leather is used for its softness and durability. It then goes through various treatments and processes to give it colour, texture and to maintain its strength and durability for the various leather goods and bags produced. Leather may also be wax coated which adds to its shine, durability, makes it more water resistant and also easier to clean.

Manufacturing processes

One such process produces Saffiano leather, which is textured leather produced by machine press to give it its texture. This is known as a cross-hatch finish which is a special diagonal pattern. It is then treated with wax which makes it scratch resistant, more durable and much easier to clean.

Leather goods and bags

There is a vast selection of bags and other leather goods to choose from these days and these include shoulder bags, handbags, cross body bags, backpack purses, shopping bags, clutches, business briefcases, travel bags, belts and wallets. With such a vast amount of leather goods and bags available, there is something to satisfy every taste style and need. Whether you’re going hiking, touring or just looking for an evening clutch bag to complement your outfit, there is something for everyone for every occasion imaginable.