Multicolours belts

The winter’s belts 2021-22


We had to hide them for some time, bury them in the underworld of our wardrobe; yet they seem to want to peep out from every corner of our closet. After the emphasis of the waist-up dressing, over neglected designer belts are slowly making their way back into our everyday wardrobes.

This season, the formerly deprioritized accessory is anchoring some of the best reemergence looks. Whether it’s paired with trousers for a chic day at the office, or Tibi pants perfect for mountain weekend escapades, adding a vintage, woven leather, or studded belt helps to elevate just about any winter outfit.

Whether it is mini, maxi, coloured or total black we will have difficulty not to see it in the coming months in the top of the fashion panorama. For this great return in the spotlight, we at Florence Leather market have thought of a real guide on how to wear the belt according to fashion 2022.

Belt on sight!

Now the belt is worn on sight on coats, dresses, sweaters, and blazers; We are not talking about the belt in tone-on-tone fabric that is sold together with the coat, but of leather or contrasting belts. To wear at the waist without using passers-by. Do not be afraid to dare. Put on coats and cardigans over and then emphasize the waist with a belt, even micro.

The great classic

A must-have of the Milanese style: for winter 2021 back in its most essential variant: the leather belt. For a subtle dash of glam, mark your waist with a classic black leather belt: elegant and sophisticated it can never be considered an accessory too. If then you get out of the black routine try a cognac-coloured belt, the unexpected hue will make the combination chic t-shirt and jeans.

The chain belts

Gently chained up, ladies. This is the fashion that transforms a functional element like the chain into a style detail, to take the form of a thin belt that embellishes the looks of 2021. For all intents and purposes, it is chosen as a jewel to adorn the waist or hips: it rests on the pants, tightens the waist with skirts and dresses or closes a wide jacket.


No global

In a strictly globalized way making a difference has become a fundamental rule of the Fashion industry; Making each piece exclusive and suitable for your style seems to be an affordable luxury that we cannot give up. So how can a chain bracelet be customized with so many pendants, why not adorn the belts with charms or initials?

The belt bags

Don’t call it a fanny pack. Because, in fact, it is not. The new accessory that has depopulated among influencers and international stars, in fact, looks more like a belt with a handbag. Why so loved? Well, the answer is simple: comfort. After all, the discotheques are reopened, and it is essential to start studying practical look.

The shining touch

Jewel belts are a décor element that will finish your look of autumn winter 2021 2022. amulets and pendants, real jewels: A refined detail of couture inspiration to mark in a sophisticated way the waist. To be exhibited without fear in the new feminine street style, nostalgic and increasingly in.


Whether the name of the brand is morigeratamente engraved on the buckle as for Prada or hidden behind iconic symbols of the Maison as the hooks of Salvatore Ferragamo does not matter. If it is recognizable because the fashion wants the logo well in sight. 

You don’t have to choose the belt that best suits you and start showing it off. On our Florence Leather Market website, you will find a wide and detailed range of products that can help you to elevate your look on any occasion.