change purse

When is it time to change your purse?

You’ve been to boutiques, web sites, shopping centres, then you found it: YOUR purse, chosen from a thousand other models. A popular maxim says “all good things must come to an end” and even your beloved purse, sooner or later, will come to an end.¬†When is it time to retire your beloved purse?

When do you finally realise that your purse absolutely must be replaced? There are many signs that an older purse is about to abandon you, some are less evident, some are blatantly obvious: the brand label comes off, the fabric starts to crack, but then and there you don’t immediately notice. Only after a few days, seeing it resting where you always put it when you come him, those little details will come to your attention.

The yielding of the inner lining is subtle and treacherous. Usually when it starts to show the first signs of unraveling, you underestimate the problem. Small things start disappearing, like lip balm or a pen, then you start to not be able to find bigger items like packets of tissues or notepads, and finally even your wallet evaporates, but you can feel that it’s right there, and so you can be certain that the lining is completely destroyed…

Silently, without showing it, you tell yourself that you can keep using your beloved purse, faithful friend of many adventures, just a bit longer, that it’s not such a big deal. But you know that, unfortunately, the situation is not likely to improve, you have to get a new purse! You can’t go through every day praying that your purse’s handles will make it to the end of the day. The moment has arrived. Even if it’s accompanied you for years and you are very attached to your purse, you need to make a drastic decision: you can’t continue going around like that!

After all, choosing a new purse to buy will be great fun. You’ll wander around shops, you’ll browse websites, compare prices, being led by your own taste and, of course, your needs. In your research you have to keep in mind, among other things, the material. Choosing a bag made of a very durable material will help you avoid many of the small and big drawbacks listed above.

For example, genuine leather is resistant, elastic and durable. It requires very little maintenance and its surface, although it will change with wear, becomes more and more beautiful, acquiring unique and particular charm. You can bring your whole world with you without having to worry about your purse falling apart.

In shops and online you’ll find many different models and colours of leather bags. From harder and more compact to enormous and soft, from those with lots of pockets and zippers suitable for busy city life, to those without closures for a day at the beach or in the countryside. Your new leather purse will be faithful to you in every occasion, from the most relaxing to the more formal and, above all, will remain by your side for a long time!