Armocromia, what is it, let’s discover it together!

Seasonal color analysis, what are we talking about? Let’s find out together. 

Sometimes it happens that a shirt of the same color is better for your friend and instead for you we, or the opposite, or that in any case on someone else that color stands out more or tends to lose the brilliance. The same thing can happen with make-up, for example with lipstick, many times it happens that a lipstick gives you more than another person.

As a rule, one blames one’s hair or skin colour but does not consider a wider area, that is, seasonal color analysis, a discipline that studies how a certain color is more favorable for some people instead of others.

Let’s see together what is meant in detail by the word seasonal color analysis

As the word says, seasonal color analysis, means harmony between colors, balance between shades. This discipline was born thanks to the personality of Johannes Itten (do you quant to learn more? Click here!), a famous Swiss artist who wrote “The Art of Color” in 1961. Within this volume, Itten undertook to outline a totally new theory regarding colors that takes into account two priority characteristics of colors:

  1. The value, light or dark color;
  2. Temperature, colour hot or cold.

Itten divided the colors according to the temperature, going to locate the cold colors and the warm colors. Cold colors are those composed of a majority of blue colors, while warm colors are those composed of a majority of yellow color.

Colour and seasons

Itten, moreover, made a further subdivision of the tonalities, observing the nature, still more precisely observe the seasons. According to the latter, he managed to categorize the colors by referring to the four seasons, then: autumn, winter, spring, summer.

The fundamental task of seasonal color analysis, is not to let us discover a preset palette that goes to match with our shades, but in reality, this discipline has as its purpose to make us understand objectively which are the colors that really are better and in balance with our person.

So, to find out which are the shades that fit you best you don’t have to rely solely on a tone of your body, whether it’s skin, eyes or hair, but you’ll have to figure out which shades are best with the set of colors that expresses your body.

First you will need to be able to identify your undertone, in fact in general if the color of your veins is green, your undertone will be warmer, if the color of yours is bright blue, your undertone will be colder, or if you are in a situation of veins green/ blue, so not too clear, you will have a neutral undertone.

Your undertone can therefore be warm, (the more the color of your veins is marked green the warmer your undertone is), cold (blue veins), or neutral (green/blue veins).

The seasonal color analysis obviously does not stop there, Online you will find numerous tests that will direct you towards what in theory should be the palette best suited to the colors of your body.

Even at the level of leathers you can find the colors that maintain the harmony between your shades, come and have a look among the bags of our online shop, you will surely find the one that best suits your complexion (Find out more, click here).


The origins of Florence and the noble craft, the leatherworker.

The Florentine leather is known around the world as a guarantee of good quality and tradition Made in Italy.

How did the craft of leatherworking come about?


The art of this craft dates back to 1200 with headquarters in Pisa for the best tanneries in the area. Here, they had a great availability of hides and raw materials supplied by Sardinia and Spain where the greatest cattlemen of the time resided.

On October 9th 1406 the Florentine citizens decided to move towards the birthplace of the tannery, Pisa, to conquer the city and acquire the trade. By doing so, the richest and noblest families of Florence decided to invest on the tanning artisans by moving the production to their city.

Since the beginning, the production of leather was established near the Arno river between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza Signoria, creating the District of Santa Croce which was and still is the heart of craftsmanship.

The proximity to the river Arno was fundamental for the supply of leather and industrial development, to ensure an optimal tanning process thanks to the amount of water and the transport of goods.

Leather goods managed to remain, despite market crises, always a sector in great expansion ensuring jobs to more than 20 municipalities in Tuscany.

An incredible fact for those times!

Currently how important is it?

According to some statistical data the Tuscan leather industry indicates the main manufacturing sector in Italy, always up-to-date with market trends by responding to consumer needs with innovation, quality and historical custom.

In 2019 for example, the Tuscan leather industry went from 6 to 8 billion in exports, marking a 33% increase in overall turnover! Well, that’s not all!

Some of the biggest international brands reside on the province of Florence, taking advantage of the historical reality, the tradition of craft handed down and the best leathers around.

Florence Leather Market Ethics

What Florence teaches about the art and nobility of manufacturing, represents the general ethos of our company Florence Leather Market, which selects and produces with the most careful attention to detail.

The thing that distinguishes us is the constant research of market and target customers to remain always relevant with our products and satisfy our consumer.

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The models of the bag that made the history of this accessory.

The bag, the feminine accessory par excellence

The bag represents the icon of femininity, is an accessory that no woman can do without, in fact, in addition to being a way to complete their outfits is also a useful and functional container to always bring with you necessary objects such as your smartphone, wallet or keys.

In the world there are thousands of bags from the largest to the smallest, from the most particular shape to the most linear, an infinity able to satisfy the tastes of all women.

Throughout history, numerous models of this accessory have been made, from the clutch, to the shopping bag, to the shoulder bag, or the shoulder bags, all produced with different materials, such as leather, canvas and many others.

Let’s see together the bags that have made the history of fashion (discover also the most desired bags in the world, click here).

Fend with his Peekaboo

Let’s start with a bang! This bag originated in 2009, and immediately entered the heart of everyone especially for its comfort and versatility, combined with the unique elegance of the brand. The bag consists of a handle and two compartments, has been reproduced in several variations and colors depending on the season of release.

Salvatore Ferragamo with the W Bag

This accessory was specially made around the 70s by Fiamma Ferragamo in honor of his mother Wanda. The bag is an accessory for the day, minimal conforming simple but always very chic.

Fendi with the Baguette

The model Baguette, (name that derives, of course, from the type of bread typical French, because the accessory reminds a lot of the shape) was born in 1997, and has been loved by all since the beginning, both for its practicality and for the versatility with which it can be combined with different outfits.

Yves Saint Laurent and Mombasa

Tom Ford gives birth in 2001 this bag, unique in its original and extremely beautiful. Characterized by deer handle, the bag combines elegance and glamour in a single accessory.

Gucci with his Jackie

The Jackie bag represents the bag with a capital B. From the name it is immediately understood that in its realization the Gucci brand was inspired by the personality bearer of style and elegance of Jaqueline Kennedy, who gave the go-ahead for the rise of this bag in the fashion world.

Balenciaga and its City

In 2003 this bag was born, coordinated with fringed studs and a small mirror included. The city has a rather square shape, and you can wear it in several different contexts, to go and give a touch of glamour to your outfits.

Bottega Veneta with Knot

The Knot is the icon of the clutch and still represents one of the most sold bags of the Bottega Veneta brand. The bag is extremely classy and is distinguished by the famous weave of the manufacturer.

Yves Saint Laurent and his Muse

Muse sees the light in 2006, and although it looks very simple and minimal It is actually made up of 40 parts carefully joined together by the artisans of the house.


Essential features for your little treasure chest, the wallet.

The wallet is one of the daily accessories that we use and show off the most, just think every time we need to display a document or exchange money and then pull out of the bag, or pocket, our little chest.


For many, the wallet is no longer just a utility accessory, but a real element of clothing and for this reason much attention is paid to its characteristics during the choice of purchase.



To choose a good quality portfolio, there are some basic rules or characteristics, which you need to consider. Such as:


– Use Materials;

– Size and shape;

– Efficiency and functionality;

– Closure;

– Price.


For some, color is also fundamental, but we have decided to list only these types of characteristics because they are the fundamental basis on which we choose and make our products.


Use Materials

The materials used for the realization of a wallet tend to start from the leather tanned in Italy and selected by our best technicians.


The leather can be of different types, for those who do not want to give up the luxury and look for an accessory of pure elegance directs its choice on a python or crocodile skin, to give a timeless and timeless style to their outfit in detail.


Size and shape

Among the various proposals of Florence Leather Market we have about 89 products, one different from the other in shape and size.


Generally, men’s wallets are smaller and thinner, just for the practical use of inserting it in the pocket. Very often, in fact, the wallet accessory is replaced with card holders, see here an example.

Some models, however, for women are similar to small clutches, they are not able to store documents and money, but also with compartments to insert keys or cell phone. For those who love to travel and move lightly, see here.



As already anticipated for the wallet-purse for women, in an accessory as indispensable as the wallet or purse, it is right to consider its functionality not only aesthetic.


The wallet should contain zippers or compartments capable of holding without, crinkling and folding documents and passport, if any.

A very practical example can be found here with our Boris, in pure leather worked in a vintage way to give a touch of class to the object.



As for the closure of the wallet, it is good to remember that the men’s accessory tends to fold on itself precisely for the reason of practicality, as well as for a sporty and versatile style.


On the contrary, the women’s wallet can be enriched with zippers, zippers, elastics and much more capable of giving practicality and speed in closing and opening.


Last, but not least, is the price.


Florence Leather Market bases its company policy on the optimal quality-price ratio. There is a 99% satisfaction guarantee about this last point because the quality of workmanship and materials is incredible, in addition to the immensity of offers that we daily propose and offer as a basis for purchase.


We invite you to look at our virtual showcase and fall in love with our most varied products, from bags to wallets and purses.


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The most iconic and desired bags in the world.

As we all know, the bag is a woman’s accessory par excellence. In fact, it does not represent just an object, but a way of being. In fact, on this last point there is a real psychology that identifies which person you are based on the bag you use.

The choice of the bag is like choosing a dress, because we always wear it according to the mood we have and the moment we have to face. Then, there are also trends that convey our choice and in this there are a series of bags that have made history.

Speedy by Louis Vuitton

The very famous Speedy trunk has acquired greater fame thanks to Audrey Hepburn who wore it frequently and for this reason it is now one of the most desired bags ever.

Today this model can be found in many materials and colors, as well as sizes to satisfy every type of need. Moreover, thanks to the various collaborations also with Urs Fischer, this model of bag has always been able to adapt and modernize.

Lady D by Dior

In 1995 the Chirac politician wanted to give Princess Diana a bag as a thank you for her first visit to Paris.

For this reason, Dior was commissioned to create a unique bag for Lady D, in black color, which later became the very famous handbag with rounded handles and D.i.o.r. charm.

A well-structured model of unmistakable elegance revisited over the years with a wide shoulder strap and softer construction to give the bag a more current look.

Baguette by Fendi

The Fendi baguette is inextricably linked to Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker who in the film represents Carrie, totally in love with shopping and bags, showing extreme willingness to spend more on an accessory than a rent.

The price of this small handbag to keep under the arm is around 500/600 € for the simplest ones and has a rectangular shape enriched with decorations on patterns and materials.

Kelly by Hermès

Hermès Kelly, together with Birkin, represent a status symbol of the company thanks to its use on Grace Kelly in the film To Catch a Thief.

After the film, the actress seems to have fallen in love with the bag, so much so that she also needs to use it for her public occasions, especially during pregnancy to cover her belly.

The Kelly, in fact, represents a handbag with calf leather finishes, high handle and front closure with decorative padlock. It has all the characteristics of a refined and timeless it-bag.

In 2021 what are the most iconic models?

The three bags listed above have made history, but what are the bags that women aspire to most nowadays?

Balenciaga motorcycle bag in soft lambskin, with a price ranging from € 1050 to € 1500

Falabella by Stella McCartney which has depopulated in recent years with its chain at the edges, ranging from € 600 up to € 950

Luggage by Celine made of pure leather and different colors, both in mini and maxi size, for the modest sum of € 2500

Some of our models, obviously adapted to the style of Florence Leather Market, can be found here as the Bauletto, here as for the classic Lady D and here for example for the baguette so loved by Carrie from Sex and the City.