Fashion bags 2021, all new models to discover

The collection of bags for the spring-summer 2021 season is full of special elements, unusual shapes, and pastel and bright colors. These creations represent an exceptional combination of classic models and innovative elements.
Let’s discover together the most popular models for this season!

Shoulder bags

Let’s start with a bang, the new entry of the bags is represented by the iconic Dior Saddle. This bag is characterized by a particular shape, similar to a horse saddle, which is slowly becoming the protagonist of the major passageways.
To be really fashionable this type of bag should be worn as a shoulder bag, or cross body, using the lace of which it is provided.

Bucket bag

It’s been a while since this model made its appearance on the scene, but it’s this season that made it famous. In fact, the bucket model is an exceptionally versatile bag, combined with several outfits, with a contemporary look in fact can be used both in more formal contexts and in more casual and sporty situations.
The bucket bags of this season are colors of very colorful shades that are perfectly with the summer, but also more neutral shades perfect to be combined with more sober look.

Shopping Bag

The shopping bag, the bag always present in every collection, why? Because it is extremely comfortable, practical and above all you can put it all in given the conspicuous size. The shopping bags of this season will be distinguished by particular tones, and especially by original material, hand-woven, basket-shaped, or wicker.
Also this type of bag can be worn by adding a shoulder strap, which will make the accessory more fashionable and special.

Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag is a type of bag that will never go down. Since it was invented it has been used by many celebrities, and represents the must-have that every woman must have in her closet. Could it be missing this season? Absolutely not!
The shoulder bags of this season 2020-2021 show special details such as, for example, the shoulder strap itself made of chains, or represented by fabric elements or showy embroidery, as well as beautiful, very comfortable as wide.
A bag to wear both day and night, both to go to the office and to go out for an evening, as it is a versatile accessory and adaptable to several different situations.

On the passageways you can see all kinds, from bright colors to darker ones, up to the use of completely different materials, such as perforated leather and embellished with metal inserts, or lighter fabrics such as canvas.
In addition to these types of bags have seen many more on the most famous catwalk this year, but we can safely say that these models are the ones that will go for the most for the summer, as they combine the beauty and harmony of the forms with the practicality and comfort of large bags, which can also be used for travel, which alas, we hope to be able to return soon!


Discover some of the best types of Florentine leathers.

Leather and other stories

When you need to buy a leather product do you ever wonder what type of skin you prefer? In fact, on the market there is a huge variety of types of leather, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. The types of leathers usually go according to both the animal used, but also according to the methods of tanning, cutting, of various procedures, which mean that each type has a totally different yield from another.

Let’s go see them together!

Some types of animals used for leathers

The suede’s leather

We start from one of the rarest and therefore also less economical types of leathers that can be found on the market.

The suede skin, which attention is not the suede leather (term indicating a technique for processing other leather such as bovine or ovine leather), comes directly from the chamois, and sometimes also directly from animals such as deer and reindeer. The surface of this type of leather is very soft to the touch, and overly ductile and versatile.

It must be said, however, that hunting these animals is prohibited, which is why it is very difficult to find such products on the market.

The snake’s leather

Another exceptionally esteemed leather is snakeskin, frequently used in articles concerning the luxury fashion sector.

For example, python leather is very valuable, because on the surface it is formed by scales that represent unique designs, unusual and impossible to find in other plots. From the appearance of the snake leather could be a very fragile leather and destined to deteriorate in a very short time, in reality it is not so, this leather is very resistant and capable of lasting for many years.

The bovine’s leather

Bovine leather is the most widely used on the market. Normally this type of leather is used in the production of belts, (discover all the news on belts, click here), and bags, as it is characterized by a certain stability and solidity. More often than not, adult buffalo leathers are also used for furnishing products or for the automotive sector.

The crocodile’s leather

Here we are at one of the best types of leather on the market to date, which manages to unify aesthetics and durability. Crocodile leather is an exceptional leather, often used for bags, (here are 5 good reasons to choose a leather bag, read here), and not extremely large accessories. The most precious leather section is the one found on the belly of the crocodile, which is mainly used in the production of high fashion bags.

The cow’s leather

Last but not least the cowhide. This type of leather is the most famous and the most used. The leather is derived from the cow and then treated to the vegetable. A detail not to be underestimated is that to use this type of leather no animal is killed for this precise purpose, but instead cows are used for the food industry.

One of the main features of cowhide leather is that it virtually never deteriorates, and does not age, but changes color, darkens, so as time goes by the product made in this leather, changes style is modified and becomes another.



Messenger bag model? Why is it called that, what is its story?

The “Messenger” bag is a type of accessory model deriving from a sack, usually produced in vintage fabric or leather. Usually worn on the shoulder or over the shoulder, typical of an urban fashion.


Messenger bags were used by postmen to carry various postal files and documents for citizens. This bag design was used in the transport of goods because it represented a spacious, comfortable but above all light bags.

The use, as well as the construction, comes from the backpacks that ensured comfort and safety on the health of the back for people carrying heavy objects, also given the possibility of adjusting the shoulder strap and moving it from the back or side to the front very easily.

The use of this bag nowadays

This bag model has become a style icon of Urban Fashion.

Urban refers to the civil environments where students use the model to go to school, from high school to university or commuters by bicycle use the Messenger to go to work or for functional purposes.

Urban fashion represents the kind of convenience and utility within fashion.

As previously mentioned, the type of Messenger is used a lot within the youth world, even as a “scholarship”. In fact, there are many companies that are characterized exclusively by the production of these for the collegiate market.

The Messenger bag compared to a backpack gives much more versatility in use. With a “postman” bag model you have more ease to place and remove books, notebooks or accessories just by moving them to make them accessible. In addition to the fact that these tend to be produced with materials that are more durable over time and of greater resistance, compared to classic school bags.

Conformation and structure

The construction of this bag, having been obtained from the couriers, has a series of characteristics marked by an easy adjustment of the strap.

It also generally uses quick release buckles, zippered buckles and U-locks with a single opening to easily rotate the bag from front to back. They are in fact worn on one shoulder with a belt, shoulder strap, which crosses the chest resting on the lower back.

It is thanks to the invention of this bag that the classic smaller bags simply called “Shoulder Bag” developed. See here an example.

Production materials

The materials used to create the Messenger are often more resistant, even to changes in the weather, than other bags because they basically use thicker gauges of canvas and internal waterproof lining.

Some bags also use nylon or a vinyl lining together with more expensive, but also environmentally friendly, PVC waterproof liners.

Messenger bags are a timeless classic, easy to use and also versatile to tone down a more classic outfit. For example, on a suit or suit to go to work, if you put together a leather bag like ours from Florence Leather Market, see an example here, you will make your figure impeccable!



The leather card holder

Accessories: try the leather card holder

If you love leather goods, in addition to the bag, belt, wallet, and leather briefcase, you cannot miss the genuine leather card holder, a small and distinctive accessory for your daily life. And, if you have birthdays in sight, here’s a nice and classy gift to celebrate a man or a woman!

Craftsmanship is always the keyword when we talk about leather. Obviously, by choosing this accessory, you will find the reliability and durability of the leather in a small and comfortable object, which allows you to store in a single space all credit cards, documents, paper money, and business cards in order to have them always within near your…hand!


A useful gift


The card holder is an original cadeau, especially useful, an object easy to store in any pocket and characterized by the softness and sophistication typical of “made in Italy” leather.

So, if you want a suppler and more essential purse for the generous and bulky wallet, this accessory is its perfect complement.

Our advice is to choose a design that is simple and functional, which adapts to the various spaces, and is easy to put in the pocket of trousers or in the pocket of a purse or a clutch, without risking losing it.


With that extra touch of class


Among the various options, choose the one that best suits your needs, with the number of slots you need to hold all your cards.

On the market, you will find models of different colors and with more or less slits.

Very nice and intriguing is the aged leather version, with a vintage effect, for those who want that extra touch of class combined with the practicality of the leather card holder.

A note for men: calf leather is certainly softer and more comfortable to keep in your pocket. This applies to both the wallet and the leather card holder.




Bag for bike

Getting around by bike: the most suitable bag

Do you like staying fit while doing home-work trips?

For those who love cycling, we could suggest a practical backpack in leather but, let’s face it, what’s more fashionable than a shoulder bag?

Not all bags are the same, yet a capacious and practical shoulder bag, obviously in leather, and with an adjustable shoulder strap, is an excellent solution for those who like to go around the city with the bike and do not want to give up personal effects.


How to take it with you


If the bike is equipped with a basket, the bag can be stored inside, but take care to hook it well to the handlebars in order to avoid the risk of a thief approaching.

If you prefer to move safely while keeping your bag anchored, then better to choose the shoulder strap and take care not to bring the bag on the belly, as it could hinder the movement. Preferably place it on the back or side, shortening the shoulder strap.


Better with the zipper


The models to choose from are many: we recommend choosing portability, practicality, and lightness. Even the material has its importance: the leather is not only resistant but is also comfortable in case of rain, as it is waterproof. Be careful, that the fake leather bags, on the other hand, have the defect of not lasting much and ruining the areas of contact, where they rub when pedaling.

Finally, it is better to opt for a model with a zip, with a more secure closure, especially when riding at speed; this type of closure will make you feel more comfortable than a button or a magnet, which always at risk of disengaging due to wear or due to a shock.

Ah … and do not forget to bring an umbrella, you never know, in case of rain!