history of the bag



The bag is now an icon in the fashion world: the accessory that no woman can do without, which over the past fifty years has taken on a role of real status symbol, style sign that reflects the personality of a woman and the self-image she wants to show the world.

However, before becoming an essential accessory for every woman, the idea of bag has had various changes…

How did the bag come about?

Despite the few documents of the case, it is thought that the origins of the bag, from the Greek “byrsa” (leather), date back to those of the appearance of money: the first ancestors of it were just small bags, made of leather by workers of the time, usually tied to clothes.

During the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries there were changes made by the introduction of the pockets of men’s clothing. This invention changed the habits of man, who stopped using the bag.

Women in this period began to travel, thanks to the spread of transport, and this gave rise to the need for luggage with more feminine and refined finishes and details.

The bag went from being a purely professional and male accessory, to being an accessory in common use.

In this period, the bag began to assume an aesthetic value and no longer just practical!


Throughout the period of the First World War, the search for aesthetics was lost a bit (obviously); the bags were used to move around, so they were very capacious and made of sturdy leather.

With the end of the war, also to leave behind the horrors experienced, there was a great propensity and attention to worldly life and fashion.

Women began a slow process of emancipation: they began to work outside the house, to go dancing in the evening and to occupy spaces previously reserved for men.

This period brought back the use of the bag as a chic and essential accessory.

history bag


There was the birth of the clutch: square and rectangular in shape with or without shoulder straps (made of various materials) were very well suited to accompany the ladies in their outings and were combined with the new clothes tighter and shortened to the knee.

By now, the bag had become an essential accessory to complete the feminine outfit, it was no longer a simple container but became part of the image of an elegant and refined woman.


Today the bag is now a stable icon of the fashion world. 

The sixties were the emblem of the novelty: rigid and structured bags were introduced such as trunks and briefcases or practical bags with many pockets, zippers or bellows to wear even over the shoulder.

Various materials were experimented to build bags such as plastic, straw… but, even with the passing of the years, the only true timeless must remains the genuine leather bag: high quality accessory that guarantees a long life.

The master craftsmen who have made the history of the bag still keep the secrets of leather processing, committed to preserving and handing down an ancient and precious knowledge.

At Florence Leather Market every leather item is carefully hand-crafted by Florentine artisans so as to guarantee high quality Made in Italy products at an affordable price.

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Summer sale


Finally, we are there! 

The long-awaited period is coming… It’s time for summer sales!

Florence Leather Market has made available many items with interesting promotions.


Of course, all our bags are the result of the best craftsmanship Made in Italy. Each item is carefully handmade in Florence, the city that represents the excellence for the production of leather items, so as to guarantee our customers a product beautiful to look at but also high quality.

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summer sale

Starting from the bags, Florence Leather Market offers several models in promotion, in this article we will list some:


Timeless bag

One of the best sellers, is a shoulder bag available in 12 different colors in genuine calf leather (inside lined with suede) ideal for shopping days thanks to its capacity. Now you can find it discounted at more than 40%! A real investment for those who want to be trendy without spending staggering amounts. If the idea is to invest in a more classic timeless model that can complete any daytime look, Babila is definitely your chance!

The artisanal city bag

Hand sewn and made in Italy by skilled artisans, the City model is the perfect accessory for walks in the city! 

A bag in genuine calfskin, lightweight and durable, characterized by a shoulder strap and embellished with gold details; also equipped with zip pockets both front and back. The various colors available will make you fall in love, especially after you have noticed the super promotion applied!

Iconic bag

One of the iconic bags of Florence Leather Market is definitely Adina, a mini handbag made of shiny genuine leather with contrasting dyed edges and buckle closure. 

An accessory with a young and fashionable style, it will match perfectly to your every look thanks to the wide range of colors available.

Thanks to the summer sales you can buy it at a very attractive price!

Flower lover

Indispensable for this season is Emily, the handbag in shiny leather crust, characterized by modern and original details that go well with different outfits. The peculiarity of its floral-themed canvas will represent a wild accessory in the summer wardrobe of all women! 

The high quality of the materials used in its construction also make it resistant to time and wear.

If I were you, at this price, I wouldn’t let her get away…


Florence Leather Market for these summer sales has decided to also promote eight different models of wallets, with different colors and models, all combined with a quality design and an irresistible price! For men we find Saffiro, Lino, Gianni and Salvatore; while for women Rina, Iris and Emilie will be colorful accessories in perfect harmony with the season!

The sale didn’t end here…

We decided to include at an affordable price also our famous business bags such as the handmade briefcase Zenobi, ideal for those who want to bring a few small things and the Zenobi handbag that represents the comfort for travel and office days thanks to its large and robust structure.

In this article of our blog we have presented only some of those articles that are on sale by Florence Leather Market, if I were you, I would immediately take a look in the “promotions” section of our site!

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As we have already seen in the previous article of our blog, the artisanal processing of leather requires a lot of attention and care and therefore we rely on many steps of processing.

We focused on the first two processes that leather must face, that of preparation and tanning.

After these two steps we move on to retanning and other intermediate operations until we arrive at the finishing.

The leather tanned up to here, as we read in the previous article, is not yet usable to produce articles. 

The leather must be subjected to further chemical and mechanical treatments: 

  • Pressing: thanks to this mechanical operation, most of the water that is present in tanned leather is eliminated. It is, in fact, a pressing that is carried out by crushing the leather between two cylinders.
  • Shaving of the leather: with this important operation the whole surface of the leather acquires a uniform thickness.
  • Retanning, dyeing and fattening of leather: all these operations are aimed at giving the first aesthetic characteristics to the leather, since it is attributed the chosen color, flexibility and softness. 
  • Drying of leather: as we have already explained in the previous article of our blog, there are various drying techniques and the choice between these depends not only on economic factors but also on the type of article that you want to get.
  • Staking of leather: this operation restores to the leather the softness that is lost after drying operations.


Finishing is the final operation, but also the most complex of the processes.

This is the set of all the operations carried out on dry leather. The aim of finishing is to improve the appearance and characteristics of the leather so as to enhance all the beauty and natural quality. This procedure eliminates all defects, both existing and workmanship, in order to guarantee the perfect aesthetic quality.


The finishing also consists in the application of chemical substances that form a sort of “film” on the surface, which must have different characteristics depending on the aesthetic result that you want to achieve.


The finishing of leather can be mechanical or chemical… let’s see in more detail:


Mechanical finishing of leather 

Mechanical finishing of leather can be done for:

  • Polishing” of the surface thanks to the use of a velvet wheel
  • Ironing and plating” for a flat, smooth surface
  • Pressing” with a relief plate (if it is intended to impress sign)
  • Bottalatura” by quickly rotating a dry bottale so as to obtain a moved surface.


The chemical finishing of the leather: it consists in covering the surface of the skin with a kind of film and varnish thanks to the use of rollers, glazers and sprays.

The ironing of the leather

The ironing of the leather: essential step to obtain a shiny leather

The leathers that, at this point, have received one or more applications of “protective films”, are ironed hot or with variable pressures in order to create a homogeneous and smooth surface both by sight and touch. The plates used to iron the leather can be heated for electrical systems or steam.

All the processing steps listed refer to a path that changes depending on the result you want to obtain. Although starting from the same point for all the processing of different articles, some leathers need to carry out more or less treatments than others.

This is, therefore, because some leathers, although starting from the same starting line, depending on the different paths of tanning, retanning and finishing, in the end are clearly different from each other and with different final prices.

Many of the operations that are part of the processing are optional, so the choice of the realization is made based on a matter of cost and the final result that you want to get for that particular article.

At Florence Leather Market we devote care and attention to every operation of the processing of our items, to ensure our customers a unique product that represents the Made in Italy quality in every detail!

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Leather production process: Preparation and Tanning

Preparation and Tanning


Leather is a natural and noble product which has been using in a wide range of human activities. Italy is home to more than 300 tanneries: modern and safe factories where leather is produced following the highest standard in quality and efficiency. There are three main districts specialized in leather manufacturing process along Italian peninsula and each of them preserve peculiar features that combine the traditional know-how of craftsmen with the most modern techniques in leather manufacturing. One of these districts is Florence, where our production is situated, and where Florence Leather Market makes high quality products for fashion and design. 

Now let’s see the leather processing steps to obtain a genuine and noble product: preparation and tanning.

Leather production process: Preparation

Many changes have occurred from the beginning of the Nineteenth century in the tanning process, changes that have considerably reduced polluting chemicals and created new methods of tanning and finishing. On the other side, in Italy, thanks to stringent standards in food industry and leather production, every batch of hides is marked with a unique number so that it’s possible to track the origin of every single hide that passes through the tanning process. Leather, in fact, is a by-product of the food industry so that the raw material strictly depends on the natural condition in which animals live.

The raw material is the starting point of the leather making process and its conservation is a fundamental step to obtain the best quality leather:

  • Skins are salted with common marine salt in order to eliminate as much water as possible from the skin with the aim of avoiding the natural hide degradation.
  • Defrost is another method. It consists of cooling the raw material at very low temperature but it’s not so common at all in Italy.

After the salty process, hides are folded and stored for up to 30 days in a warehouse.

Leather production process

Leather making process: Tanning

By the tanning process hides become leather through three different steps that may be divided as follows:

  • Soaking: hides are loaded into tanning drums full of water from several hours to several days. Water and surfactants help remove salt and dirt, while vegetables tanning agents preserve the leather as well as soften it.

IMPORTANT: In the United States and Europe tanneries are required to process and treat the water used in tanning, it is completely filtered and purified.

  • Leather flashing and unhairing: subcutaneous material is removed as well as the majority of hair thanks to a lime treatment. After that, hides pass through the splitting machine and are sliced into two layers: bottom portion and upper portion. The first one is used for inferior leathers, while the last one is utilized for high quality full grain leathers.
  • Tanning process: it converts rawhide into leather. It can be made using natural or chemical substances. Vegetable tanning is an ancient leather making process that utilizes vegetable materials such as mimosa, chestnut, and bark. Synthetic tanning uses Chromium, while another possibility is the combination of both processes to obtain a soft and durable leather.
  • Sammying machine: two rollers apply high pressure to the hides to remove excess moisture. After that operators inspect hides to grade them according to their natural features and flaws.
  • Drying: this can be done in various methods all of them depending on the moisture level: vacuum dried, oven dried, or air-dried.
  • Dyeing: it’s a lengthy process in which hides are put into the dye drums for several hours and a cutting is taken to be sure that 100% of the dye has saturated the hides.

These are just two of the processes; to find out all the processes carried out so that your product represents Italian excellence, continue reading our articles dedicated to the manufacturing sector. And don’t forget to keep following us on our social channels.



business bag



The business bag is one of the most sought after items, both by men and women, for its convenience in organizing useful tools for every type of work and for the status and elegance that attaches to the wearer.

To overcome this request, Florence Leather Market has created a collection of business bags with different types of models so as to be able to satisfy all the tastes of customers.



The indispensable features for a good work bag are not many. 

The purchase must be made mainly following three criteria:


Surely the quality of the leather and its processing play a fundamental role. 

Florence Leather Market uses only genuine leather worked by hand and tanned in Italy, this guarantees a long life product thanks to the 100% made in Italy quality.


When you buy a business bag you must always remember that it is a work object, therefore, it must be practical and functional. 

Florence Leather Market equips each bag with pockets (inside and outside) and various compartments so that you can put inside the right space everything you need on the job.


All the business bags offered by Florence Leather Market are characterized by attention and care detail.

The rounded leather handles help to soften the grip and some models have a removable and adjustable shoulder strap perfect to handle the weight in longer.


The business bags proposed by Florence Leather Market are the best both in terms of quality and for the wide choice of models and colors that is offered. Each person will have the incredible opportunity to opt for the preferred material, necessary size and style that they most prefer.

Elegant, durable and high quality, each model allows you to express your own lifestyle. All made of genuine leather, polished and vegetable tanned, in Italy!

business bag

Among the offers you can find hard or soft leather bags, two/ three compartments, notebook holder, briefcase model, folder and many other models… finding the business bag that best suits your tastes will be very easy!

Functional, professional, innovative design, the business bags offered by Florence Leather Market are a certainty for anyone.

So choose with confidence among the many models of business bags that you find in our wide catalog!


All models of business bags offered can be combined with our accessories: wallets and belts!

As you already know, elegance and style go hand in hand, so adding and combining the leather accessory carefully crafted by craftsmen in the industry will make you impeccable!

On our site you can find a wide selection of belts (woven, solid and double-face) able to match multiple different outfits, making you stand out with style and elegance.

In addition to the belts, Florence Leather Market has created different models of wallets, differentiating them in size, shape and closure but always maintaining the same unsurpassed quality that distinguishes the manufacture and the selection of the best materials.

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