What dyes are used in leather goods and why?

The dyeing of leather and tannery, represents an Italian excellence handed down over time as craftsmanship and subsequently refined as industrial production.

Materials Used

The dyeing of leathers involves the use of a wide range of colors that take the name of “lacquers” divided into natural dyes and artificial dyes. 

Inside the natural section there are a number of woods from trees that, when assembled with metal oxides, give shape to different shades of color

For example, the red-brown camping wood, if left to rest, takes on the shade of light yellow, while if assembled with a copper sulfate the tone it acquires takes on the traits of blue and purple. 

Among natural dyes there are elements extracted from plants which, combined with salts, give shape to different colors. Let’s take for example the sumac plant. 

This plant assembled with aluminum salt produces a lacquer with a bottle green tone, or with iron salt it creates a black lacquer and with lead salt the color that will come out will be hazelnut. The examples are as numerous as the elements used in dyeing.

Artificial or synthetic colorants have now almost completely replaced the use of natural colorants, for a factor of optimization of time and intensity of colors. They are divided into “acid dyes” and “basic dyes“.

Acids are used for production and chrome tanning, deriving from sodium chloride. Basics, on the other hand, are formed from simple salts and are used for vegetable tanning such as drum dyeing.


There are several processes to dye the leather and carry out tanning, about which you can read more: here

Among the most frequent operations used as leather coloring is the Dyeing in Bottle, which involves the immersion of the leather in a barrel of color, to make the leather acquire an aged and shiny tone. 

The brushing method is more challenging because it is done by hand, with longer processing times, where the dyer places the leather on a board, passing a brush over it absorbed with color.

Machine dyeing with color spray guns, involves a machine that rotates on itself spraying a dye on hides automatically. Industrial method used to amortize time.

How is Florence Leather Market different?

Florence Leather Market selects first of all the best materials available and opts for a handmade, artisan workmanship.

Where it is not possible for a question of time, it always tries to offer its customers comfort, durability and quality for its products. 

If you want to read more about Made in Italy and the company reality of Florence Leather Market, read here.


All the shapes of the bags, what shape are you?

Which bag shape do you like best?

The hobo bag

This accessory usually has a trapeze shape or a half moon shape. The hobo model is perfect for any occasion, is rather capacious and is usually worn on the shoulder.

The doctor bag

The doctor bag is so called because it remembers the bags that the doctors used years ago. The model looks quite vintage and is extremely comfortable and practical as it is exceptionally roomy.

The messenger bag

The messenger is a must-have bag, In fact, this model is always up-to-date and its name comes from the bags that precisely use postmen to deliver mail. The messenger bag is characterized by an opening with flap and a very long shoulder strap, for this reason the accessory is very comfortable and versatile.

The shopper bag

The shopper owes its number to its resemblance to the shopping bag. In fact, this model is characterized by a rectangular shape and with two handles. The shopper bag can be worn on the shoulder or by hand. 

The pochette bag

Elegant, refined, the pochette is small in size. You can find this model in both hard and soft version. The pochette is usually used for formal situations, where there is no need to carry too many objects. The pochette bag can be closed by zipper, bruckle or flap. 

The trunk bag

The bag case is perhaps the most iconic in the world. Cornerstone of this mode certainly the classic Louis Vuitton. The case is characterized by a cylindrical shape rather capacious, equipped with handles and shoulder strap, so very versatile. 

The tote bagThe tote bag is similar to the shopper bag, in fact it is also large, has a double handle and is usually either trapezoidal or rectangular.

The clutch bag

The clutch bag is a model very similar to a pochette, in fact, this too, is small in size, and also this can be both rigid and soft. It differs from the clutch only for the closure that is strictly snap. 

The bucket bag

The bucket bag was invented by Louis Vuitton and reached the top during the 80s. This model can also be called a bag or bucket, it is rather large so it can contain numerous objects.

The saddle bag

The saddle bag is the real it bag this season. From the shape reminiscent of the saddle of a horse, the most iconic model is definitely the saddle of Dior. Very expensive but incredible!

The briefcase bag

The briefcase is a model of rectangular bag and usually rigid, used especially in the working environment. In fact, this bag gives a professional touch to your outfits, and is useful and functional because inside you can also introduce documents and sheets.

The baguette bag

This bag model was created by Fendi in the early 2000s and was immediately very successful, it is carried on the shoulder and is small and rectangular in shape.

On Florence Leather Market you can find the bag of the shape your prefer, come and take a look!


What you wear expresses the person you are: psychology of the bag.

The way a person wears a bag reveals many characteristics of us. The bag, in fact, is not just an accessory but a way of being and a behavioral code. 

Bag sizes

Small, medium or large bag? The model you choose may indicate that you are a confident and control-loving bag, or an expansive and creative person.

Small bags tend to indicate that you are an independent person and often travel with only the bare essentials, which makes you an ambitious and confident person. 

Medium and large bags, on the other hand, indicate a person who wants to be in control of all situations, trying to carry all the essentials to be ready for any eventuality. 

The difference between the medium and large bag is purely aesthetic, as the medium sized bag looks more professional than the previous one. 

Tote Bag

Let’s start with the largest bag, the Tote Bag.

Inside this bag you can fit everything from a laptop to an umbrella to a makeup bag or snacks for snacks. 

The convenience of this type of bag is in fact, the functionality of the pockets and space it offers. 

Generally the Tote, see here an example, is carried on the shoulder. The particularity of this fit, translates as whimsy and practicality. 

Characterizing a versatile style, always focused on comfort and giving nothing to chance. 


The Bauletto, or otherwise a typical hand bag, denotes elegance, style and femininity. See here

The handbag fit serves to re-brand a decisive role of a winning woman with a strong personality. Even the mere thought that using the hand bag, allows you to walk around with only one arm available, translates as a great determination of a multitasking person. 

The cross body bag

If you use a cross body bag in your daily life, you are a super active person, perpetually on the move and well focused on comfort.

Depending on the position of the bag in relation to the body, two different behavioral attitudes are emphasized: if it falls to the front, it indicates shyness, if it falls back it is an indication of a very busy person focused on his goals. 

Click here.


A bag worn on the forearm denotes a strong desire for distinction and style, for a person of sophisticated style and slight haughtiness. 

If you see yourself in this definition, this bag may be right for you.


People who wear backpacks as a habitual accessory are very creative, good, honest and friendly people. 

The backpack represents the accessory par excellence of lightheartedness and a pinch of naivety, choose the style. See here an example. 


The history of the wallet, from its origins to today

The wallet, who, how, when and why?

The wallet is a very useful accessory, all have one of completely different shapes, colors and sizes. The choice of this accessory usually goes according to your needs and comfort, but also to your personal taste. Read more »


The reason for the relevance of Made in Italy.

How come “Made in Italy” is so renowned all over the world? What are the statistical rates on which the market is based? Read more.

  • What does a Made in Italy bag offer?

Buying a Made in Italy bag means choosing in the first place craftsmanship, study and creative design based on specific research of the best leathers and tanneries in circulation. 

Real leather, like the one offered by Florence Leather Market, is worked in the heart of Tuscany, in Florence.

Florence differs from other Italian cities for the origin and historical tradition of leather goods, which you can read about here.

Choosing a bag Made in Italy, means selecting a bag entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, with certification of the unique product, which differs from all others even in the smallest details of production. 

The excellence of genuine Tuscan leather is perceived by two of the main five senses: touch and smell. 

  • How does Made in Italy leather goods differ?

Within the production of leather handbags “Made in Italy“, you can find valuable features such as the plot of Italian style and culture.

Florence Leather Market offers a wider selection of products, based on a sober, true and always up-to-date style. The fundamental peculiarity of our bags and of the whole Tuscan production is: authenticity. 

Functionality, quality and resistance are peculiarities designed to ensure the buyer to fall in love with a good product of utility, comfort and durability over time. Genuine leather has in fact the peculiarity of acquiring more beauty with the passage of use over time. 

Handcrafted leather bags are ideal to stand out from the rest of the crowd, enhancing an evening dress and at the same time giving a fashionable look to a day outfit with jeans. 

The bags, as we have often argued, are not just an aesthetic accessory, but an element of utility essential to carry personal effects. 

  • How important is it in the marketplace?

The Italian leather industry has always had positive feedback all over the world, both in terms of development and style, and in terms of quality and economy. 

According to statistical studies, the leather industry only in 2015, has produced more than 5000 billion euros that have significantly increased the national economy, giving the opportunity to many people to learn a trade and spread the ancient skill. 

This industry in recent years has done nothing but grow thanks to its trade that has allowed it to spread, even more, the beauty and craftsmanship of Made in Italy. 

Italy is the seventh importing country in the world, and the second world exporter to most countries, among which the main ones are: France, Japan, United States, Hong-Kong and China.