Leather handcraft courses: here what you will learn

Working with leather is one of the oldest crafts in the world that Tuscan artisans manage to make more alive and relevant than ever with their own hands. In our workshop, designers make custom leather goods and give new life to antique pieces, with the aim of enhancing the quality of the raw material and finishing it with a handcrafted touch. In this article, I’ll briefly explain what they teach in leather goods schools by revealing the secrets of leather and its workmanship.



Here are some fundamentals in the art of leather goods

The raw material

In any self-respecting course you cannot fail to dedicate the right amount of importance to leather. How the leather passes from the raw material to the final product, the differences between the various leathers and how to distinguish the good from the bad. The first phase of tanning consists in detaching the hide from the animal carcass, mechanically or manually. The skin then undergoes salting and drying, to preserve it from external bacteria. This is followed by the actual tanning process to transform the leather into hide.It is essential to know how to recognize a real product from a fake one and we at Florence Leather Market have an article  dedicated to that too.


The craftsman’s tools

There are many tools to use in the field of leather goods, but we can divide them according to their functionality; we have tools dedicated to modelling, cutting and preparation, assembly and packaging, shaping, colouring and fastening and finally equipment dedicated to quality control. In the search towards the art of leather goods, it is of fundamental importance to master the use of different equipment and therefore, it is important to rely on masters who can facilitate our learning. Once you have mastered the various tools of the trade, you can begin to assemble your first product for your portfolio.

Here are the phases of leather processing

First you need to have in mind what you want to create and then have a drawing to follow with the various measures and the various notes that will help you throughout the process. Then you proceed with the various working processes.


cutting and sharpening of the leather

We start with the cutting and sharpening of the leather, preparing a cardboard template, which reflects the piece of leather you want to cut. Tracing the contours with a pencil on the straight side of the leather, we follow the track with the awl pressing lightly to create a thin but deep enough incision and through the use of a coramella we finish the cut.


  1. Bonding: after having cut out our leather parts necessary for the assembly we can move on to gluing.To glue the leather you can use the classic vinyl glue and all the cyanoacrylate glues, even if the most effective glues for yield and durability are the contact glues. 


  1. Stitching: once the gluing phase is over, let’s move on to stitching. A centuries-old technique still practiced today by luxury brands is the traditional saddle stitch, it is therefore important that a course goes through the most important steps, from the selection of the thread, the calculation of the length, the preparation of the leather up to the actual sewing.


  1. Edge processing: finally we move on to edge working, sealing all the glued and sewn layers of leather requires a few steps in the right sequence so that the edge is not only aesthetically smooth but also lasts for a long time.

If you are interested in the world of leather in our opinion these are the fundamental steps you should focus on to aspire to become a real leather master. Take a look at our website to see how Florence Leather Market uses modern style craftsmanship techniques.



Backpack: 3 tips on how to choose it

Backpacks have now become one of the most popular and in vogue accessories of the moment. This is thanks to their functionality and practicality that makes them perfect to use in our daily life. The dilemma arises when we do not have clear ideas on how to choose the backpack that is right for us. Especially in the face of the vast choice that the market offers. In this article I will show you some tips that we consider essential when choosing a backpack.

qualità dello zaino

Here are our 3 tips on how to choose the perfect backpack 


By nature, the backpack is subject to bumps and wear throughout its lifetime, whether it is your faithful daily travel companion, or for one dedicated to sports or holiday purposes. Despite this, it is understood that a backpack must last over time, even the cheap Nylon versions. For this reason, considering the frequent use of a backpack, why not spend a little more and buy one that will not only look good, but will also be a pleasure to carry? When it comes to quality and therefore durability, the first material that comes to mind is without a doubt LEATHER resistant and good-looking, which leaves a pleasant sensation both to the touch and to the smell that give it a real sense of superiority. Italy is famous for the craftsmanship of leather, the use of high quality materials combined with a unique style all over the world and these are the pillars on which Florence Leather Market bases the creation of its products.



Backpacks are now available in all shapes and sizes and that is why, before making a hasty purchase, we recommend that you understand the use of the latter and consequently understand what its ideal dimensions will be. If you need a backpack for daily use to commute to work, or you’re thinking to buy a backpack to go to university, we must take into account the capacity necessary for any devices such as laptops, books and even the lunchbox. An example could be our “Unisex leather backpackcharacterized by its simplicity and versatility. If, alternatively, we are looking for a backpack to replace the handbag, we can opt for backpacks with a lower volume and focus on practicality of use. Some examples could be backpack Luminosa” and “Gabriele”. When making your size decision, it is also important to consider your height. If you are petite, a backpack that is too large may not be suitable for you. Also pay attention to comfort. If you are looking for a small and light backpack, thinner straps will be fine but, conversely, if you are going to use it to carry heavy things and for long periods, you may want to look for one with thicker straps.



Choosing a backpack is always a personal decision influenced by your lifestyle and your needs but this does not mean that you should abandon good taste. Florence Leather Market brings with it the Italian style by creating backpacks, bags and accessories for every eventuality and occasion:

In short, there are choices in abundance…


Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​how to deal with the backpack theme, visit our website and take a look at how Florence Leather Market is establishing itself on the market with the creation of backpacks that precisely follow the idea of ​​quality, functionality and style.



the bag origin

Handbags: Origin and History

Nowadays we are used to seeing every woman carrying a bag, usually matched according to the occasion and need. But have you ever wondered where this custom comes from? In this article I will explain where the use of the handbag comes from and how its function has changed over time.

“The brigands ask you for your purse or your life; women want both of them”.

(Samuel Butler)

storia della borsa

The origin of the bag

The term Bag derives from the Middle English bagge, borrowed from Old Norse Baggi(“bag, pack,satchel,bundle”) Originally, bags were not conceived as a sumptuous object to display but as a leather or fabric bag, of various shapes and sizes, used to carry money, food and other objects with you. Perhaps you have never thought about it but the use of the bag dates back to prehistoric times when our ancestors began to weave skins to carry objects of common use of that time such as woods, weapons or various articles and unlike today this object was mainly used by men who moved more frequently than women; subsequently, with the future of the coin in the subsequent epochs, man continued to use small leather pouches to carry coins or valuables.


From pouch to shoulder bag

Through texts and paintings we can say with certainty that these bags were made of leather, a ductile and resistant material that is obtained from the processing of the skin of some animals. The oldest evidence dates back to the twelfth century in Tuscany, where, even today, the creation of leather accessories is famous all over the world. In this period the bags were carried attached to the belt by means of straps or ribbons, or they were kept hung around the neck or, in the case in which the dimensions were large, were carried over the shoulder; In the following centuries the bags began to change both in size and material, according to the needs of those who wore them in the various historical periods.


Women and handbags, imprinting is born 

It was not until the late 1800s-early 1900s that the handbag began to be used by a female audience, when they assumed a greater role within society: women became more dynamic outside the home, whether for leisure or work. In this era handbags reflected the owners in both fabrics and shapes, we find handbags, small, glitzy, uncluttered for the wealthy class; simple, practical and larger for the lower middle class. After the end of World War II, and with greater freedom for women in both work and social spheres, the handbag became an indispensable accessory in a woman’s life, an accessory that is still essential in daily life today.


Now becoming the most status symbol accessory there is, they bear suggestive names, they are the new stars of the fashion firmament. They trigger frenzies and crazy spending. They are never chosen at random because they are indispensable companions of life. They fill up, they scramble, they embrace like a body part.”


Florence Leather Market’s vision

As you can tell, the history of leather bag making and creation goes back many, many centuries, and there are so many shapes and stories for each model of bag that it would be impossible to describe them all. One thing that is certain is that the tradition of leather working in Tuscany has remained and been handed down to the present day.


Florence Leather Market has maintained this tradition by going to combine workmanship with classic and innovative patterns combined with what are the colors of current fashion.

Visit our website https://www.florenceleathermarket.com and discover the right model for you.


business bag

BUSINESS LEATHER BAGS: the Florence Leather Market glam and resistant line

Those who travel a lot for work know that choosing the right bag to travel with is essential: it’s a touch of style, but above all a guarantee of reliability when you’re out and about. The Florence Leather Market line aims to satisfy those who don’t want to give up comfort and glam, sturdy materials, but also the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. In a few words, it is aimed at those who want practicality and aesthetics together. In this article we will analyze how Florence Leather Market deals with business.

business bag

Florence Leather Market’ style

The brand’s collection consists of business briefcases, briefcases and leather work bags. The shades are the classic ones of leather or black, to get to the honey nuance, delicate and very trendy. On the aesthetic side, each piece in the line is made special by the metal details or the branded logo. But even the fastenings make a difference, going from the classic zip to the more sophisticated metal bar. For lovers of the past and lived eras, Florence Leather Market also welcomes a soft and tasteful Vintage with a distinctive and original look, and must-have pieces for any self-respecting Vintage lover.


Our Forte

But let’s see in detail the composition of the Business line of the Florence Leather Market brand. As we said, the briefcases are the flagship of the collection. The Florentine leather makes them elegant and with a pleasant touch, while the craftsmanship and the inclusion of contemporary elements, such as reinforced handles and metal parts, transform them into timeless pieces. In the line we also find the practical bags with adjustable shoulder straps like our Leather briefcase with two compartments, to be worn on the shoulder or also used as more metropolitan handbags. There is also no shortage of classic briefcases, with a very classic, clean-cut design and unisex aesthetic, suitable for those who want to go to work in style.

The quality of Florence Leather Market

The Italian tanneries are an excellence renowned all over the world, thanks not only to the historical know-how, but also to the creative component that characterizes our sectors. Leather is one of the least industrialised products on the market: manual work remains at the base of all manufacturing processes, from tanning to the creation of handcrafted products. As far as the quality of the materials is concerned, the Florence Leather Market line of Business Bags is made of Italian leather, vegetable-tanned, hand-dyed and then cut and sewn by expert craftsmen. The savoir faire of the brand, which was born in Florence and has become famous in Italy and around the world, can be felt in every piece of the collection. The line meets the needs of her and him, both for short trips and for longer journeys.


What are you waiting for? Check out the fantastic line of business bags by Florence Leather Market


gift for men

Gift for your man: here’s what to buy

Every time an anniversary approaches, the sense of gift panic can’t be missed, the anxiety of wanting to choose at all costs the best possible gift to make your loved ones happy gets stronger and stronger and indecision of what to buy reigns above everything. But have you ever wondered where the custom of exchanging gifts comes from?

scelta regalo per uomo

Let’s find out now…

The origin of the gift

According to some scholars, the exchange of gifts originates from the Greeks who, on special occasions such as birthdays, used to offer gifts to the birthday person because it was believed that these gifts had the power to protect the birthday person and the givers themselves from evil spirits. As for the exchange of Christmas gifts, scholars believe it derives from the exchange of Strenne, lush consecrated branches that the ancient Romans exchanged on the first of January as a wish for prosperity and abundance. These customs have been passed down to us and it is our duty to honor the traditions and at the same time make a good impression during the special occasion. There could be several occasions for which you are looking for a gift from a man. Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming up? Are you already thinking about the next Christmas gifts? Or are you anxious about what to get for your first anniversary?


Here are 3 great ideas to make a big impression


Surely you’re tired of seeing your husbands or your children use over the years always the same old belt, not giving a damn about the style and the idea of creating a minimum combination with a piece of clothing or why not? A combination with your handbag. If you are looking for a classic belt for your dad, a sporty model embellished perhaps with rope inserts for your boyfriend and so on. You will have no difficulty in finding the model of belt that best suits your needs and those of the person concerned. We at Florence Leather Market love to create leather belts for every eventuality. Take a look at our belt collection. 


They say that the clothes don’t make the man but the wallet does, unfortunately if you open your ears and pay attention, you can hear a small voice coming from the back pocket of every man’s trousers, it is the voice of a poor old wallet that has long passed its expiry date but continues to be used and serviced as it is “still working”. If you notice this item then why not direct your gift specifically towards a nice leather wallet? Here are some ideas that might be right for you.


The gym bag definitely falls into that category of items that every man would like to change but doesn’t want to spend money to do so and therefore, for every sporting occurrence, he uses the very old football bag from when he was a child or the one given by the gym with an annual membership. Probably nobody would admit the need to change his bag but, underneath it all, every man would like to look cool when he goes to train or when he goes to a football match. That’s why, in our opinion, it’s a really alternative and useful idea that is sure to please a lot! Have a look at “Borsone Fortunato” 

Now that you have it all figured out you just have to choose the perfect gift!

Florence Leather Market with just one click and you will find your gift at home. You just have to enjoy the party.