leather wallets

Small and precious leather chests: Wallets.


Born to simplify our lives, wallets, are to be considered the undisputed protagonists of our daily lives.

The wallet is an indispensable item for both men and women, for two reasons. The first, is purely practical and essentially serves as a “collector” of money, cards and documents. The second reason, even more important than the previous one, is linked to one’s own identity. Thanks to the wallet, we can express our style and communicate our personality.

Are you looking for a technical and accurate design wallet, both in finishes and aesthetics? 

The master craftsmen of Florence Leather Market come from years of experience in the manufacture and selection of the best materials and are therefore able to make finished products in every detail ensuring the high quality Made in Italy. Thanks to our wide selection range we are able to respond to every need and always satisfy customers.

Which wallet to buy?

Along with items such as bags and belts, wallets are considered part of fashion accessories.

However, there are some fundamental features for choosing such an important accessory and we at Florence Leather Market guarantee absolute clarity.

Our leather wallets are made of various patterns, colors and different shapes, so that everyone can choose from a wide selection on our online shop.

In addition to being original and versatile, the wallets of Florence Leather Market are made with the best leather on the market, this peculiarity makes them very beautiful and durable over time.

The wallets, both for women and men, of our collection, allow you to have at hand what you need by combining, therefore, practicality and a look that does not go unnoticed. We have specially developed a stylish collection of wallets available in different colors, sizes and styles.


leather wallet


The materials chosen for our productions are all of the highest quality. Good resistance is the focal point of our company ethics, we love to offer a great product in terms of quality, resistant both over the years and for weather events.

The size and shape of the wallet vary greatly according to the need that a person has; for this reason within our collection we have included many models, from the largest to the smallest, able to adapt to the taste of each of our customers. 

In addition, some women’s models are similar to small clutches, with large spaces for women who have no interest in carrying many accessories but want to bring with them the right indispensable during their outings.

Matching bag and wallet

Sometimes the wallet is chosen specifically to be matched to the bag. 

On Florence Leather Market, you can find these bag/wallet combinations, to make you immediately noticed thanks to elegance, style and originality.

Our collection is so wide, that it will be very easy to find the one that best suits your style and way of being. From neutral colors to irreverent patterns, also given by different treatments, you will have a wide choice of models.

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How to revive the color of a leather bag


Owning a leather bag is definitely essential for every fashion-conscious woman being synonymous with elegance and durability. It can be combined with almost any outfit and is also perfect to be worn every day.

Unfortunately, after some time, the color of our leather bag can start to fade or just lose all the natural shine of when we just bought it. If you want to give a touch of life to your bag, continue reading this article because Florence Leather Market will give you some simple but great tips to be able to revive the color and brilliance of your favorite bag! 

Let’s see together how to take care of it…

How to maintain a leather bag

Leather bags are like plants or our skin, they need care! In this case it is therefore essential to keep it hydrated so as to ensure its natural shine.

Let’s summarize some of the main tips to keep in mind:

  • Moisturizes the skin of the bag with a gentle cleansing milk for the face thus removing the halos that may have created
  • Erase any stains with rubber (there are also specific rubbers on the market)
  • Intensifies the color of the skin with dyes of the same color and shines the skin with a neutral or the same color of the bag.

These are the basic steps to trying to keep your perfect bag longer, remember.. Prevention is better than cure!


How to improve your leather bag

Now that you know how to take care of your bag, let’s see together some ideas to improve it and make it unique!

In case your bag is simple and plain, a great idea to enhance it is to accessorize it! For example with a scarf, very trendy curled on the handle or knotted on the side, or with some jewelry to make the bag more precious and lively!

If, however, you have the artistic soul, a very cute choice is to try to paint the bag! You can cover some defects due to wear or make a simple bag a super personal and eye-catching accessory! However, make sure that the paint chosen is waterproof and suitable for the color of the skin, so as not to ruin your beautiful handbag!

Another very nice option is to match your favorite bag with a different or patterned shoulder strap! This will be a very trivial way to manage to change the appearance of your bag without having to resort to any change too drastic and irreversible.

These were some tips to manage to maintain your bag or repair some damage. With a little creativity you can transform your bag and make it special and fabulous.

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messenger bag


The union of style and practicality in a single accessory: Messenger Bag.


We know how important it is to know that you can always rely on the right accessory to deal with any activity of your daily routine. No doubt bags are among these indispensable items, that’s why there are an infinite variety of models.

Each one is more suitable in certain situations and specific contexts: shape, capacity, presence of pockets and shoulder strap are elements that must always be carefully evaluated when it comes time to choose. Among the types of bags, there are the ‘messengers’ also known as ‘postmen’. 

What is a Messenger Bag?

The messenger bag is the classic postman bag, which was used, more or less since the 50s, just by postmen when they were still used to go around the city by bike. The messenger bag, thanks to its capacity and its multiple internal pockets, allowed to better organize the mail and could be worn over the shoulder so as to get the maximum comfort possible.

Hence the motivation of the name “Messenger” which in Italian is translated as “postman”.

Over time, the evolution of design has transformed this accessory into an increasingly widespread object.

Nowadays, the Messenger bag represents the icon of urban fashion and casual style.

Inside the virtual catalog of Florence Leather Market you will find a wide selection of models and colors, ideal for both work and travel.

This model of bag represents the functionality and practicality of an accessory within our life; an accessory as trendy as practical, it can be considered as a representation of multifunctionality

messenger bag

A versatile accessory

The messenger bag can be considered, as well as a work bag, also a travel bag! There are usually multiple pockets, ergonomic handles, compartments (internal and external) and some models are equipped with a long shoulder strap that reaches the height of the side.

Moreover, this bag is often enveloped by a vintage aura that makes it iconic and very original (especially when made of genuine leather).

In short, as you will have understood, freedom of movement and practicality are the fundamental elements of this special type of bag!

To whom is it indicated?

Messenger bags meet every personal need, without sacrificing elegance, practicality and functionality.

It is the most suitable bag for those who want to live the city at its best or for those who have to face work/ study appointments without ever having to give up the elegance that a messenger in genuine leather craftsman can give to the wearer!

Perfectly combined with every daily outfit, we at Florence Leather Market are sure that you will love our super chic and functional messenger. Our site has a wide variety of high quality models, available in multiple colors, so as to be able to meet all kinds of audiences.

Browsing on our site, in addition to offering the opportunity to see the best models, all available in various sizes and colors, you can also compare various incredible prices!

In our wide range entirely dedicated to messenger bags, it will be a real delight to discover the model that offers additional pockets and compartments enough to meet every need.

As for the color, let yourself be carried away by your style and your taste, you will be spoiled for choice, because our messenger bags are offered in every possible shade, even in the trendiest ones.

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LEATHER BACKPACKS by Florence Leather Market


The Florence Leather Market’s backpacks serve to give a touch of class and color to your look. These accessories are indispensable friends, they follow us everywhere and contain the most important things of our daily life.

Therefore, like friends, make a fair selection of who you want to have next! 

Backpacks are a good opportunity to give more color and practicality to everyday life. Observing the various models offered, it will be fun to choose from many shades of colors and beautiful materials.

All these models, in fact, are proposed with high quality materials and coatings, assured by a particular attention and care by our best Florentine artisans.

As is evident, in the great world of women’s bags, backpacks are an effective, but also efficient, resource to have with you everything that we consider important in everyday life.

Moreover, they are not only symbols of fashion, but a real mood.

The multiple advantages of a backpack

Both for work and study, the backpack is a practical and comfortable solution. 

Ideal for every age group and gender, thanks to this bag model we will have the opportunity to feel more confident and carefree, ready to face life. 

The proposals that you can find on our site offer the opportunity to find the right model for your needs: the wide selection proposed contains different types of backpacks that differ according to the shape and colors, including more classic models but also cutting-edge models for those who want to dare a little more.

Among the advantages offered by backpacks, there is the fact that your posture and your back will gain because, thanks to their functionality, the weight that will be contained will be distributed evenly over the entire back. This, in addition to comfort, will allow you to have your hands free so as not to alter even the interaction and gestures with other people.


Handmade genuine leather backpacks

Combine casual with sophistication? You can! 

Florence Leather Market backpacks are characterized by a sporty but elegant line.

Original backpacks, practical and of the highest quality. In fact, each leather bag is made with care by experienced and qualified artisans. Moreover, the leathers used are 100% Made in Italy and are treated and tanned in Florentine laboratories.

Florence Leather Market offers a wide range of leather backpacks, each of which is made with extreme care and attention to detail. From the largest to the smallest, from the brightest to the most neutral colors.

In the online store, you can find all kinds of leather backpacks to complete your look with a touch of originality.

In addition, their structure is very capacious and is equipped with pockets, ideal for ordering all the items you need to carry with you. By choosing a backpack by Florence Leather Market you will be sure to have purchased a trendy accessory but also at the best value for money!

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leather belt

LEATHER BELT: the evergreen accessory


The belt is one of the evergreen accessories. Indispensable in any wardrobe, it is a flexible strip generally of leather, fabric or woven fibers that is worn around the waist.

The belt has the function of support for garments such as trousers or skirts but, it can also have a simple decorative function.

Its name comes from the Latin term cingulum, which indicated the civil belt, while the military one was called balteus.


Its origins date back to prehistoric times: remains of metal belts from the Bronze Age have been found.

In ancient times it also served to distinguish the military, religious or civil rank.

The use of the belt had very precise “stylistic rules”: in the man, once it was fastened, the “tongue” had to end on the right side while, for the woman, on the left side. The logical explanation of this rule is given to us by antiquity and the use of the sword: the various types of belt did not have to hinder the extraction of the sword (carried on the left side and extracted with the right hand) For this reason, the end of the belt had to end on the right side to avoid any kind of hindrance.

The most common model, still nowadays, has a buckle at one end and holes at the other. By inserting the pin of the buckle in the holes you get the closure.

The presence of numerous holes, regularly spaced, allows you to adjust the width, to adapt it to the circumference of the waist of different shapes.

But it can also be equipped with any other type of closure or simply knotted.

leather belt


Are they used to support pants? Not only that!

Belts are an essential accessory of men’s and women’s clothing, a must have of everyone’s wardrobe.

They can match the different ways of dressing, the styles of each and the mood of the moment. There are those who decide to match them with shoes and those who, instead, decide to customize their look by mixing clothing and accessories.

Whether you are a lover of classic matching with tailored trousers and moccasins, or you are an experimenter of creative looks, there is one thing that will surely put you in agreement: the quality of Made in Italy belts by Florence Leather Market.

Men’s belts, women’s belts and elegant belts. Well seen among the many proposals craft proposals there is everything you need to show yourself in the best outfit possible on any occasion.


Stylish clothing belts are distinguished by a clean and linear design that easily matches shoes and other accessories from special occasions.

We are not only talking about shiny or semi-glossy leather belts, but also those in tortoiseshell or crocodile style. Also the buckle does its part, because it must be combined with the buttons of the shirt or cufflinks near the cuffs.

The classic belts are chosen and worn daily: they are leather, soft and resistant and Florence Leather Market offers numerous models.

The choice of the best leathers, the precise design, the cut, the seam, the perfect holes, the finishes, the buckle that completes the work of art that is the belt. All this beauty becomes a finished product in the laboratories of Florence Leather Market, an accessory for everyday life and special occasions, a statement of your style and your personality.