Traditional tools for the manufacturing of leather

The leather processing requires precise techniques and tools. Over the centuries, craftsmen have used different tools, so that they could perform every single process in the best way, from cutting to perfecting the leather.

Year after year the techniques have evolved, developing precise and efficient tools. In this article we will try to briefly tell you how these tools have changed and which are the ones most used today by Florentine artisans.

The evolution of tools for the processing of leather

Leather processing has not always been as we know it today. Over the years the processes have undergone different changes, allowing leather workers to work with greater safety and obtain an increasingly precise final product.

An example is the cutting of the leather. In the past this process was carried out only by hand through a blade, not allowing the craftsman to make a precise cut. Nowadays, however, among the tools that can be used there is the shear, a machine that allows the worker to make precise cuts. 

Today there are also other advanced technologies to cut the leather, but at Florence Leather market we prefer to continue with more slow and artisanal techniques, which allow us to follow every processing phase, step by step. 

Another example that shows how much tools have evolved is that of sewing. This phase, in fact, many years ago was possible only through needle and thread, which in most cases led to a mediocre resistance of the object. Today, however, there are modern sewing machines that facilitate the entire process, still requiring continuous manual work.


Handcrafted leather processing tools of today

Nowadays, due to the excessive technological innovation, lots of leather factories have replaced classic artisan tools with industrial machinery that doesn’t involve manual intervention. This has led, therefore, to the neglect of the true values of craftsmanship and product quality. 

Fortunately, even today there are still those who continue to believe in the goodness of manual work and attention to detail. A true craftsman takes care of the leather with great attention and professionalism, using the right old tools. 

Among them, a not properly modern tool, which is still really useful is the shearing (mentioned above) which is fundamental for the first cut of the leather. Then the leather is redefined by an edge smoother, whose name is explanatory to its function.

Another important tool is the curved needle, which thanks to its distinctive shape is used for sewing the corners of bags or leather goods in general. The pyrograph allows craftsmen to make engravings and decorations on the leather, even on the stiffest one.

Widely used is also the tools to make holes, which allows you to make various types of changes on the leather. It is use to create holes for belts and shoulder straps. 


Florence Leather Market, always an artisan workshop

We are a small artisan leather factory since 2007, the year in which our parents made their very first production of leather key rings. Strong with these values, we still protect craftsmanship today. 

We are proud to prefer hot gilding, made by hand on every single piece, instead of prints and decorations performed by a machine. Ours is a small family-run business, with objects passing from one family member to another, depending on the processing phase.

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made in italy

The power of the Made in Italy Brand

All over the world the best term that represents the idea of Italian products is “Made in Italy”. The popularity of this expression, which over time has been increasingly successful, is due to the grandiose creativity and famous mastery of artisans operating in Italy. Even today, Made in Italy products enjoy incredible trust from international buyers, thanks to their elegance, refinement and very high quality, elements that distinguish them from any other object on the market. But have you ever wondered why?

made in italy


Why choose a 100% Made in Italy product?

There are many reasons why Made in Italy products are better than others. Italian production has always been synonymous with quality and style, and precisely for this reason, when we talk about products Made in Italy, certain unmistakable characteristics are highlighted. These include the high quality level of materials, the indescribable attention to detail and the ability of a product to last over time. Elegance and Sophistication, more aesthetically focused characters, also make Made in Italy products unique and desired all over the world.


When can you really define a Made in Italy product?

Following the continuous counterfeiting by those who used the “Made in Italy” brand illegally, in 2009 a new directive appeared to protect companies that daily engage in the defense of production on Italian territory. According to this legislation, a product can be considered “100% Made in Italy” only when it has been made exclusively in Italy or when it has undergone a fundamental processing stage in Italy.


The importance of supporting Made in Italy today

In today’s globalised world, which is severely affected by a major economic crisis, the level of competition on international markets has become ever higher, also due to the emergence of new industrial powers. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see politics promote laws that asphyxiate the craft sector in favor of multinational chains, favoring the spread of approved products that lack the typical quality of Made in Italy.

Precisely for this reason it is increasingly important to support local artisans and small traders, who through a history handed down from generation to generation, try every day to create high quality artifacts, entirely produced in Italy.


Florence Leather Market: a 100% Made in Italy story

We too at Florence Leather Market, as proud craftsmen since 2007, are great supporters of Made in Italy. For us it is essential that one of our products is made 100% in Italy, so as to offer the highest quality and monitor every detail in the production phase.

Everything we produce is 100% made in Italy, using materials with a high quality level and dedicating great attention to detail. The slower the product is made, the longer it will be able to last. We sign all our products with a label or with a gilding that certifies the production in Italy, “Made in Italy”.

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How to choose a men’s wallet

The wallet is an object used daily with frequency, as essential to carry banknotes, coins, documents and credit cards with you, as it is important to express your personality and your status. If a few decades ago the trend was to go around with a swollen wallet, today a more minimal and sober line is preferred. Both for those who have to buy their wallet, as for those who find themselves giving gifts perhaps to their partner, it could be very useful to take into consideration both aesthetic and functional factors. In this article we will give out some tips on how to pick the perfect wallet.

scegliere il portafoglio da uomo giusto

The wallet’s purpose

First of all, it is important to know clearly what you are going to put into it. Keep in mind if you usually carry around the bare minimum and therefore some banknotes and a couple of credit cards; if perhaps for work reasons many cards and credit cards are used; if you will also keep the coins or if you will have a special purse for them.

You will then have to keep in mind how much organization you will need, and consequently how many compartments. From these considerations it will be possible to get a first idea on the capacity and above all on the model you will need.

In short, as seen, the choice is extremely subjective, as it varies depending on whether you are a minimalist type, for whom we would like to suggest a thin wallet without a purse, or whether you are a more sentimental and creative person, for whom instead we find a more suitable wallet that allows you to carry with you the coins found on that journey as a young man, the photo of your loved ones and why not some receipts. It all depends on you, but we want to help you along this path by suggesting what to pay more attention to.

Details to pay attention to when choosing a leather wallet: material

The material is undoubtedly the first factor to take into consideration, since the quality, resistance and durability of the wallet depend on it. If real leather is synonymous with durability and protection, there are also different alternatives for those who are not interested in a product that lasts forever, preferring a synthetic material such as nylon, aluminum or polyester, which allow for more colors. gaudy.

The material must also be selected on the basis of one’s status: for a person who holds a certain job position and therefore needs to present himself with an elegant style, a genuine leather wallet is recommended; for younger people, on the other hand, the use of cheaper and more colorful wallets in synthetic materials is also largely allowed.

Come to have a look at our man’s wallet collection and browse every wallet Florence Leather Market has to offer.


Color, Size and shape

Color is an element that largely depends on the type of material: natural colors are more suitable for natural materials such as leather, while brighter and more artificial colors for synthetic wallets are also very interesting.

Other important terms of comparison are the size and shape, which mainly depend on the arrangement adopted to transport it. There are those who prefer a vertical wallet to carry in the jacket pocket, but also those who make a more sporty use of this object by carrying it in a trouser pocket, and therefore prefer a thinner wallet, with horizontal opening.  Take a look at our top seller vertical card holder Ivo GM, 


Functionality and Price

The functionality of the wallet also depends on the type of use made of it, and may or may not offer space for coins, credit cards or loyalty cards. In fact, many people choose their wallet almost exclusively based on the number of credit cards it can hold. Like our card holder Luigi, loved especially by our younger customers. Finally, another element to take into consideration is the price, which however is inevitably linked to the type of quality and durability that is sought. A genuine leather wallet is certainly more expensive than a synthetic one, but there is no comparison in long life.

For example, a genuine leather wallet, if made in compliance with the most ancient artisan techniques, is capable of lasting up to ten years, taking on a lived-in look and slightly changing shades.

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Valentine's Day gift

Our choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, the holiday of lovers!

February 14, 2023 will still be the day of love that brings with it special attention, gifts and thoughts for the most important person of all.

For all couples, the race for gifts is on. Some go for the romantic, some for the useful and some for the beautiful.In this post we want to tell you about a possible gift idea for her or him, alternatives that can please everyone’s taste: from those who like more classic details to those who prefer minimal style. Those who love accessories, those who prefer unique items, those who love to travel or those who are just home-and-work. The ideas are really many and we hope they can be of help to you.


Gifts for her: handbags and Clutches

If your HER is original, colorful, loves music and has an outgoing personality, the gift for her is undoubtedly a clutch bag. Not just a handbag, but a purse that would enhance her personality but remain useful, elegant and at the same time complete the look. Our choice? Aurora! With its bright color and simplicity it will make you look great.

Career woman? Better a professional bag disguised as a handbag like our Eloisa, a bag made of fine saffiano leather, and handcrafted in Florentine workshops. This bag is very spacious, comfortable and practical, plus the base has 4 gold feet so it won’t wear out.

Valentine's Day gift.


Gifts for him: wallet, backpack or belt?

The gift for him is always the most difficult. Let’s try to frame types of men and see what gifts might be perfect for him.If he always has money scattered in his pocket, the right gift is Alfio, the ultra-lightweight wallet-credit card and banknote holder, only 9.5cm small in genuine calfskin leather. Lightweight and slim, easy to wear and carry in your pocket.

Do you love your work and are always on the go? Go along with the latest trend in business bags and give a roomy shoulder bag with an easy finish. Our Raimondo, roomy, ergonomic and super accessorized is the solution that combines business and leisure while respecting your back and posture.

Full of Savoir faire and nonchalance, is your man so dandy that even slipping off his belt is an action he finds unpleasant? Our Fiorentino Belt looks so good with everything that it will become impossible not to choose it for going out. A well-made belt, crafted and thought out by careful artisans who have put love and passion within each stage of manufacture.


Our staff at Florence Leather Market hope to be of help to you in choosing the perfect gift and wish you a Valentine’s Day full of joy and love.


Aloer vera benefits

Aloe Vera: it’s benefits on genuine leather

How many times have you purchased some leather products and sellers tried to brainwash you into buying some extra lotion, spray or cream so that you can take care of your new purchase? Well in most cases taking care of your goods is the best way to maintain their look at the best and have long lasting results but you don’t necessarily need to buy some products. Have you ever thought of using aloe vera on your leather products? If not, you should definitely consider it because aloe vera has a lot of benefits on leather. In the following lines, I will teach you about the different advantages of aloe and how you can use it for your leather products to make them last longer. Let’s begin!

Aloe vera

What is aloe vera and what are the benefits of it on leather 

Aloe vera is an extract obtained from a species of succulent plant that is commonly found in tropical climates. It is a gel that contains various compounds that help to improve the properties of your leather products. It is commonly used in cosmetics and skincare products, due to its soothing and moisturizing properties. Aloe is also used to treat various skin problems such as acne and psoriasis. In recent years, it has also been used to heal wounds and treat various medical conditions like diabetes and cancer. So you might ask: What are the benefits of Aloe Vera on leather?


The benefits of aloe vera

Although as explained above most of the people are aware of aloe vera only when it comes to skin, it has been proven that the use of it on leather produces various benefits: First of all, it helps to prevent the drying of the leather and prevent it from cracking, which in our opinion is the first sign of decay of your product. It also makes the leather more flexible and soft, which enhances the look and feel of it. Finally increases the durability and quality of the leather products. Let’s see now how to apply aloe to your favorite leather products. 


How to apply aloe vera on leather

In order to apply aloe to your leather products, you must first clean them to remove any dirt or debris. Then, you must cut the aloe leaf into quarters and remove the pulp with a spoon or a peeler. After that, you will apply some aloe vera directly onto the leather and rub it in gently to allow it to be absorbed. Once it has soaked in, you should leave it for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. You should repeat the process on a regular basis to maintain the softness and flexibility of your leather products. You can also use the aloe vera as a base for a homemade moisturizing lotion.

In conclusion, aloe vera has many benefits for leather products, making it more durable and softer. By applying aloe regularly to your leather products, you will be able to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan. So apply aloe vera today and see how it can give your leather products a brand-new look!

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