purse women

Purses: women’s best friends

“You can take everything away from me, but not my purse”. To a woman, a purse is never simply a place to put their things or merely a fashion accessory. A purse is a micro-universe of experiences, secrets and… small sins. For this reason, a purse is a woman’s best friend.

A purse reflects the personality of the woman carrying it, and the woman knows. For this reason the worship of purses is typically female, simply because every woman concentrates part of their life in their purse. That’s where you can find a pharmacy kit just in case, a miniature beauty shop, including all the “first aid” make-up, a small stationery store for every need, and often also a mini-pantry for any “dips in blood sugar”.

A woman puts everything she needs to face the day in her purse and it’s like a micro-world of its own, which is personally and uniquely organised. Each purse holds what is necessary for daily use together with less functional objects that have a sentimental value, along with various life memories: receipts, movie tickets, photos of loved ones, traces of finished and started love stories, sleepless nights, adventures, sunrises, sunsets, films seen and to see.

In short, a purse is always a reflection of its owner, it reflects habits, lifestyle, daily needs, as well as hopes and dreams. No wonder men can never find anything in your purse, even if you explain where to look in minute detail!

You have an enviable collection in your closet because you know there is a bag for every occasion. You have your handy, large shoulder bag for shopping in the city, as well as the handbag that’s a bit more fashionable for a drink with friends, the small backpack for the trip out of town over the weekend, a sophisticated clutch to take with you on an elegant evening, the high quality briefcase so you can also stand out at the office. Each model has its ideal time to be used and its unique meaning, designed just for you, to better enjoy that particular moment of the day.

A purse is a question of style, sensitivity and personal need, beyond just one of fashion. You’ve always asked it to be reliable, to be your friend as long as possible, and that’s why you always choose durable materials.

You have lived wonderful adventures with your bag, and others which have turned into adventures only in time, like that night you got a flat tyre and the tow truck arrived two hours later, leaving you there, in the middle of nowhere, alone with just your purse. And perhaps it was in in those moments that you were extremely grateful for it. Grateful to have got into the habit of bringing with you: water, an energy bar, a sweater, crossword puzzles, a pen, a notebook, a phone charger and who knows what else!