red purse or blue purse

Summer time: red purse or blue purse?

When warm weather finally comes and the days get longer, darker colours fade away, leaving space for bright, vibrant tones, charged with vitality. It will be a pleasure to pull floral prints, colourful scarves and ethno-chic designs from your closet. What colour will your purse for the new season have?

Small, large, shoulder, crossbody, compact, soft lines, this season’s purses jump out of the windows, present in many different models. But when it comes to accessories to wear, colour is key to creating the perfect outfit for every occasion. There are many options, from pastel colours to fluorescent tones, from a solid colour to the most extravagant prints.

Red and blue are colours that have an amazing available amount of nuance in their palette. Both of these colours, in different shades, inspire a sense of adventure and freedom, and invite you to celebrate the arrival of spring and summer with an extra boost of energy.

Colours can tell a lot about a person’s character. Usually a woman who prefers the colour blue is quite balanced, very aware of herself and her personality: those who tend to choose blue clothing and accessories are faithful, even-tempered, thoughtful and profound. A woman who prefers shades of red is passionate, charismatic and extroverted: she stands out for her strong practical sense, character and spirit of initiative.

By customising your outfits with accessories in shades of red or blue, you send a clear message to the world around you. You can communicate your vitality and your state of mind by choosing the colour that suits you best. You can dare with bright, vibrant colours: for example with an electric blue or bright red purse, you’ll stand out in a crowd and definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Red is the colour of sensuality, a beautiful red purse will make you feel like the undisputed star of an evening among friends. The colour itself conveys positive energy and matching it is nothing short of simple. Vibrant red is able to brighten any neutral shades, and explodes with contrasts such as on black or white. On 50s style dresses with white and black polka dots, a red clutch is the detail that can make a difference. During a night out at the disco or at a ceremony, your red purse will make your outfit simple but elegant. A red leather purse is able to convey sensuality and style, even combining it with a simple pair of jeans.

Blue is a very easy colour to match; it exudes a sense of depth, elegance and a good deal of balance. You can pair a blue bag with the shades of green, yellow, white, grey, leather-brown and many others. Blue is a strong tint, and is one of the few that allows “tonal” matching. A blue purse is elegant, even with a pair of sporty trousers. Take advantage of one with a floral or tropical design, flawlessly complementing your outfit. A blue purse is ideal if you are looking for a companion for every occasion, from the most formal to the most informal. Strolling through city streets at night, it will add a cool breeze to your outfit.