small purses woman

Small purses for great women

Purses that are compact, but also functional and impressive. Pochettes, clutches and baguettes are small purses par excellence, symbols of femininity and refinement, as well as lightness and practicality. Ideal for those who always want to be elegant and stylish… with a touch of coquetry.

The pochette, queen of small purses, actually comes from the court of Louis XIV, when the women of the time loved to always carry a small bag tied at the waist with a drawstring, containing salts, perfumes and medicines. Since that particular historical moment, the pochette has undergone many changes and was brought back under the spotlight by the whimsical flapper girls of the Roaring ’20s.

In the full emancipation of women, flapper girls dictated fashion: short dresses embellished with fringe, long pearl necklaces and feathers in their hair. The flapper girls were implementing a real revolution, and represented the era’s maximum level of transgression. They went to nightclubs, smoked, drank, flirted in public and also dusted off the old concept of pochettes. After all, smoking, drinking and flirting was easier with two free hands!

Only mentioning pochettes when talking about small purses, however, would be an understatement. There are other models of small handbags, like the baguette and the clutch. Let’s look at the main features that differentiate the three categories.

Baguette handbags have got a rigid, rectangular shape. They are always very small and can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. Many models have a rigid removable shoulder strap to hook on when desired. They are ideal for a carefree evening of fun.

Clutches are small bags that fit in the palm of a hand. They can be made from cloth and, unlike baguettes, are soft. Some models are even smaller and can be rounded and rigid, characterised by colourful prints and enriched with glittering details.

The PochetteĀ is a small handbag made of different materials, and is usually provided with a wrist strap or a band to place your hand through. It is the hand bag par excellence and can have a square or rectangular shape.

Small hand bags are a timeless symbol of good taste, style and practicality. Today many models of small hand bags are equipped with a practical shoulder strap, either leather or metal, along with hooks which can be easily applied and removed according to the occasion.