Pink pouch on black dress and sunglasses with the words "short history of the pouch"

The pouch, history of a centuries-old accessory


When talking about pouch, it immediately comes to mind that a particular accessory has grown in popularity especially in recent years. Suitable for sports environments and extremely practical, the pouch has gradually become an increasingly accurate accessory and also suitable for casual situations.

What perhaps not everyone knows, is that the pouch is a product of centuries, and that Florence Leather Market has been able to carefully revisit to propose it to modern customers.

The origins

The oldest version of what were the first pouches dates back to the time of homo sapiens, where a bag was applied to a rope. Over the years the practicality of this element has been rediscovered in the years of war.

Now as already mentioned this product is back in vogue, and although few people would think to wear it outside of sports contexts and outdoor trips, the pouch is actually still today a great ally for those who do not want to give up comfort and appear in the latest fashion.

The pouches of Florence Leather Market are iconic and fashionable leather products and made by skilled hands of skilled artisans.

Fibbia di borsa in pelle marrone scuro

Made in Italy and absolutely high quality, their design and their characteristics can vary deeply, to better adapt to the needs of each buyer

The characteristics

Although the models may be different, some of the main features found in each pouch can still be identified. It certainly starts from the bag, the real “body” of the pouch, which can contain objects and in turn accommodate other pockets, both internal and external. Another fundamental feature is certainly the presence of zip. A real pouch can have buttons, but it wouldn’t be a complete and practical model without the presence of comfortable zippers. Last fundamental point, but certainly not for importance, is the buckle. Both in fabric and leather, the adjustable buckle makes the pouch such.

The models proposed by Florence Leather Market clearly have many different details and finishes, but a common line that is repeated in each of them.


For the realization of the pouches, have been chosen of the practical and comfortable designs, as well as attractive and innovative. Among the most requested ones we must certainly mention the pouches for men in real calfskin. Available in five different colors, this model has sober shades such as dark brown, brown and black, and other more flamboyant and lively colors such as orange and red. Characterized by a textile shoulder strap to wear on the shoulder and multiple external zippers, this simple and practical model represents the modern style accompanied by tradition (which is called by the symbol of the metallic lily at the top). The interior, fully lined with fabric, hasPerfect for men who are always on the move and need comfort in two pockets, one with and the other without zip. Perfetto per gli uomini sempre in movimento e che necessitano di comfort.

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Bags and personalities

What does a bag model say about your personality?


Leather is a frequently used material for manufacturing fashion accessories. Not infrequently however, what you buy has a poor quality, and both aesthetically and functionally you end up having a poor product.

Florence Leather Market is one of the leaders in the leather industry. Every product, absolutely luxury, is able to guarantee a quality that many other brands do not possess. In fact, these are handmade models 100% Made in Italy.


Leather bags are certainly one of the most popular accessories when it comes to leather. The choice in this case is really wide, both for the models, and for the specific characteristics.

Genuine leather bags are suitable for any occasion, and include: travel bags, clutch bags, messenger, shoulder bags and much more.


Born in France in 1700, this small leather handbag was often used by women of the time. Today recognized globally, this model enjoys a popularity not indifferent. The refined sewing techniques are such as to make the wearer, a person with a careful and careful look. Treated with completely natural procedures, clutches offer a practical choice for those who need an accessory. Small size and suitable for evenings out.


So called because previously used by postmen, these models are widely recognized for their practicality. Thanks to its remarkable size, the bag can be used to hold many objects, and above all to be taken to workplaces.

The messenger that Florence Leather Market realizes stand out for their production 100% hand and for their resistance. Equipped with various pockets, these models can contain everything you want.

Perfect especially for informal occasions, among the most popular models we find Freestyle, genuine calfskin bag available in six colors. Equipped with two buckles and zipper, this model offers liveliness and comfort to those who wear it.

The Mirko MM is another very popular model for its careful finishing and its silver details. Also made of calfskin, inside has two pockets to hold pen and cell phone. 


The handbags category is one of the most appreciated by women, especially because of its practicality but also for its beauty at an aesthetic level. Owning one means in fact being able to lead a life that may be hectic, without sacrificing comfort and the need to bring many objects with you. The capacity of these bags is not to be underestimated.

borsa in pelle a tracolla

The model Giulia GM, is a business bag in calfskin Soffiano, very capacious. Characterized by a rigid structure, the bag has two handles and a removable shoulder strap as well as adjustable. Produced 100% by hand in Florentine laboratories, this model gives elegance and an extra touch to the wearer.


The category of travel bags is absolutely not to be forgotten. The models are many, and are distinguished by their comfort and certainly for their capacity.

Fortunato is the high-quality travel bag made with a combination of semi-soft and semi-rigid leather. Also made in Florence, thanks to its large size can contain many objects, making it a perfect travel bag. Equipped with handles and removable shoulder strap, it can be easily carried by hand or on the shoulder.



All the news about the bags for the season Fall/Winter 2021/2022


When we talk about leather bags we refer to an accessory for both men and women made with quality materials. In this article today we will talk about Florence Leather Market.

Quality, elegance and details

Each bag made by Florence Leather Market is very elegant, and is made entirely by hand and with care even in the smallest details. In addition, our creations, being made with quality materials and excellence, continue over time without showing signs of wear.  

But now we come to us and we go to see what will be the bags that will trend in the next season. 

Like every Florence Leather Market collection, even the winter collection 2021/2022 is full of details, original details as well as unusual shapes and colors. Let’s discover together the most popular models of the collection. Let’s discover together the most popular models of the collection.

  • Shoulder bag: the shoulder bag is the kind of bag that never goes wrong. It is the ideal bag that every woman must have inside the closet and that can be worn on any occasion. The shoulder bag of Florence Leather Market is full of details. As already said, this type of bag can be worn on any occasion, from the aperitif with friends to the classic business appointment, in short, an accessory that adapts in any situation. Obviously, the shoulder bags of the winter collection are made with darker shades, soft and with precious details.Among the shoulder bags that you can find on the site we have the Vala bag, available in various colors, with internal compartment and zip on the back; or the Dalida shoulder bag, also made in various colors and genuine calfskin. Borsa marrone in pelle con manici lunghi
  • Shopping bag: the shopping bag is one of the most practical and comfortable bags in all collections, as this model is characterized by larger sizes and darker colors. Even this type of bag is characterized by special details and the shoulder strap, ideal for those women who do not like to wear the bag by hand. Among the most sold shopping bags on the site we have the Eloisa, a real bag with a capital B, made of saffiano leather and available in various colors such as beige, red, yellow, black and white. Even the Fabrizia bag is one of the best shopping bags, made of real leather and with round wooden handles.
  • The clutch: compared to the shoulder bag or the shopping bag, the clutch is small and definitely suitable for the most elegant evenings. 

The only detail compared to the other bags is the closure as it is strictly snap.

On the online site Florence Leather Market you can find a wide range of bags, in different shapes and colors. Come take a look!


All types of buckles on the market

Each self-respecting belt consists of a metal part, usually called a buckle. This element serves to keep the two ends of the belts close and  firm, (Do you like belts? Read here!)

But when the buckle was born?

When the first buckle was born it is not really known, but the first belts saw the light during the Bronze Age, in the European geographical area.  

The belt was immediately used as an accessory that had to be worn according to the fashions of the moment, just for this was used by both men and women. Until today when the belt with the buckle is used not only for functionality but also to give a modern and original look.

Let’s look at some common types of buckles these days.

  • The buckle is rounded. The rounded buckle or even ring, usually gives the outfits a casual look. These buckles are made in the shape of a circle or oval. The belts that have this element usually run right inside the ring and the closure is produced by the tension. 
  • The cassette and plate buckle. As a rule, plaque buckles are carefully decorated with designs made by hand or by machine. The cassette buckles instead are characterized by a subspecies of small metal box, which allows you to fasten your belt without the aid of holes. 
  • The rounded oval buckle. This type of belt buckle, gives the outfits a special and original touch. The belt closure works according to tension, so there is no need to use any holes.
  • The rectangular buckle with rounded edges. Usually this particular shape can be found in the formal belts, used on ceremonial or office dresses. This does not prevent you to use it even on more casual outfits to make a refined and classy casual look. 

What materials are used to produce buckles?

The buckles can be made of different materials such as: copper, steel, aluminum, brass or silver. The material used produces satin or shiny buckles

Depending on the compounds used for the production of buckles, the latter will have different characteristics, both in terms of strength and durability. 

To assemble the buckle to the belt there are several techniques such as: by clamp, by sewing, by screw or stopper. 

The buckle element is then attached to the part of the belt through sewing techniques or with the use of a clamp. Otherwise the buckle can be secured to the belt with one or more screws.

In Florence Leather Market you can find many belts for both men and women, characterized by different types of buckles, to be worn with different outfits, from the most formal to the most casual and sporty, (take a look at this).


What dyes are used in leather goods and why?

The dyeing of leather and tannery, represents an Italian excellence handed down over time as craftsmanship and subsequently refined as industrial production.

Materials Used

The dyeing of leathers involves the use of a wide range of colors that take the name of “lacquers” divided into natural dyes and artificial dyes. 

Inside the natural section there are a number of woods from trees that, when assembled with metal oxides, give shape to different shades of color

For example, the red-brown camping wood, if left to rest, takes on the shade of light yellow, while if assembled with a copper sulfate the tone it acquires takes on the traits of blue and purple. 

Among natural dyes there are elements extracted from plants which, combined with salts, give shape to different colors. Let’s take for example the sumac plant. 

This plant assembled with aluminum salt produces a lacquer with a bottle green tone, or with iron salt it creates a black lacquer and with lead salt the color that will come out will be hazelnut. The examples are as numerous as the elements used in dyeing.

Artificial or synthetic colorants have now almost completely replaced the use of natural colorants, for a factor of optimization of time and intensity of colors. They are divided into “acid dyes” and “basic dyes“.

Acids are used for production and chrome tanning, deriving from sodium chloride. Basics, on the other hand, are formed from simple salts and are used for vegetable tanning such as drum dyeing.


There are several processes to dye the leather and carry out tanning, about which you can read more: here

Among the most frequent operations used as leather coloring is the Dyeing in Bottle, which involves the immersion of the leather in a barrel of color, to make the leather acquire an aged and shiny tone. 

The brushing method is more challenging because it is done by hand, with longer processing times, where the dyer places the leather on a board, passing a brush over it absorbed with color.

Machine dyeing with color spray guns, involves a machine that rotates on itself spraying a dye on hides automatically. Industrial method used to amortize time.

How is Florence Leather Market different?

Florence Leather Market selects first of all the best materials available and opts for a handmade, artisan workmanship.

Where it is not possible for a question of time, it always tries to offer its customers comfort, durability and quality for its products. 

If you want to read more about Made in Italy and the company reality of Florence Leather Market, read here.